Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There is a geocache there, right near the famous golden driller statue. He stands head and shoulders above a large oil well derrick. Here is a look.


There were lots of vehicles there when we pulled into the parking lot to get the geocache, and, plenty of muggles too.

We decided to overnight on the parking lot after talking to the roving security patrol. Soon we were set up to overnight on the quicktrip center of the fairgrounds in Tulsa Oklahoma. Here is a look at 

our campsite. All asphalt and lit up like daylight all night long. That night we had to pull all of the blinds it was so bright.

 100_1634 It didn’t take long to discover that the reason for all of the vehicles in the parking lot was because of a RV show.100_1635 Then, it wasn’t long before we were rubber necking all of the various manufacturer’s latest offerings  for 2010 and even 2011.

100_1636Though they were flashy looking with graphics and multiple slides, mostly their quality couldn’t hold a candle to our Ollie out in the parking lot.

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