Sunday, April 29, 2012


There are times when a laid back fishing trip to the lake, can just plain ol’ tire a guy out, even a very active teenager !


After a night of 10 PM shower, girlfriend texting and raccoon in the tent, 0600 wakeup call and pre-sunup departure on the boat to pick up the jugs, a guy will absolutely crash and burn !


Note the cell phone in his hand, waiting for that next all important text from that special girl.

Jay made it through the jug retrieval and fish landings, made it through bacon and egg breakfast, built up the campfire, then just seemed to kind of “wilt” into a chair nest with a blanket.


Poco’s dog blanket was in a chair by the campfire because it was a little chilly in the morning.  Jay slid Poco’s  chair over to his and pulled the blanket over his legs.

He is so “out of it” that the cell phone’s tone isn’t waking him up.

Here is what Poco thinks about the situation.


In the next photo, note that Jay’s “experimental” fishing jugs and his tackle box aren’t very far away.


Yes, it has been a great three weeks at the lake !

Soon, it will be time to “up anchor’ for Colorado and the Rocky Mountains !

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Lake Greeson, Arkansas, USCOE, Kirby Landing, Weston Point, campsite # 89.

It has been 3 weeks of good fishing so far.

Senior Pass cost for a week of full hookups, $63.


We sure would like to just stay another week ! But we’ve gotta’ get ready to head West.

The national weather service has said that rough weather is on the way, so we pulled the boat out of the water.


Today’s catch was pretty good so we are fish ahead and ready for the next fish fry.


This is the front livewell and there are five fish in it, the large one is a 10 pound blue catfish.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


It is Saturday and our work a day world friends and kin are hereby invited to a a fish fry ! Here is a look as we gear up to fry fish.


A single tank feeds more than one propane appliance through a distribution tree. Here is a look at the tree.


At 1400 hours, we will start eating fresh from the lake, fish that are fried up right beside the lake.

Kirby Landing, Lake Greeson, Weston Point campsite 89 ! We hope to see you there !

Here is a quick video look at the fish fry.

Fish Fry Lake Greeson 4.21.12

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


No, not me, the catfish !

537826_3655007384139_1543209751_3113349_178924143_nThis nice ten pound blue catfish, is one of five that we kept this morning. We also kept three flatheads or Opelousas cats and a channel catfish.

A major weather front is coming our way and this may be the right time to take the boat out of the lake and clear the speedometer tube of mud. I hope that’s the problem anyhow, it quit right after I went way up in the shallows to recover a jug.

We threw back a nice little bass and a 27 pound blue catfish this morning.

Poco and I cast the jugs last evening. Here is a look.


Betty had gone with her Sister to the Doctor, so Poco and I took care of business.


Here is our last jug that we put out.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


When the National Weather Service issues a severe storm alert as far ahead as this one, ya’ just gotta’ take notice !

With the storm’s approach, we began to prepare. Boat out of the water.100_3165

Fish cooker and lawn chairs rounded up and covered.


While the boat is out of the water is a good time to refuel, coil lines, sort and clean the tackle box.


It is time to den up and wait out the weather, while getting ready for the next round of jug fishin’ !


Wer’e gona’ stay another week !

Here is a quick video glance around camp.

Boat Hauled out for Bad weather approach

Friday, April 13, 2012


Sitting by the campfire this morning when the sun came up. Sippin’ on a fresh cup of coffee, going over a check list. A check list that hasn’t been written down, yet every item checked and re checked.


The boat is in the water and all safety equipment is in place. The live box is at the ready.


Updated the information on the jugs and added fresh hooks.


We baited and put out the bream traps yesterday evening before retiring to the campfire to visit with the neighbors.

The first sunrise on the Lake, always is a grand thing for us.

Yuup, it’s jug fishin’ time again.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Towing our Jeep will expose it to risk from road debris and rocks.

We looked for and found a Blue Ox rock-guard on the internet.

Here is a look at the system as it is installed on our toad.


The installation on the Jeep for the first time was pretty straight forward and simple. The guard has two brackets that attach to the tow bar.


A couple of pins hold it in place.


The guard comes off quickly and folds up much smaller for storage.


The guard protects the headlights, fog lights and parking lights as well as the windshield.


The folded rockguard fits nicely behind SPF-60’s spare tire when we are parked.