Saturday, June 28, 2014


The benefits of converting our trailer’s G4 Halogen lights to LED’s keep on coming ! Our office slide is normally filled with geegaw’s and doodads’s from various projects, along with lots of wires, and a large Radio Shack power supply.


The power supply provided twelve volts to operate our satellite dome for television. The twelve volt office slide circuit was not able to carry the TV dome, halogen lights, entertainment center as well as all the other 12 volt stuff at the same time. Remove the halogen lights from the circuit and there is now enough capacity to carry the TV dome.


Here is a look at the leds in the light fixture with the fused circuit to power up the dome via the switch below..


Betty says, “ it’s about time some of that clutter went away !”


I respond, “clutter ? What clutter ! It’s hardly visible with the TV swung back in place !

Saturday, June 21, 2014


It is the first day of SUMMER  and we are not on the lake yet ! Things just keep coming up and getting in the way. When Family or friends need something, it just takes precedence.

Betty and I have been day tripping to the lake quite often, but it isn’t the same as camping there. Here is a couple of pix from yesterday on lake Ouachita with Brother in law Ron Graves.


Sun burned and smiling, Ron has just caught the big fish of the day. Here is a look at a large mouth Bass that he caught also.


It was a slot limit fish that was released right after the photo.

Got the generators test ran and checked out  and will start loading the support trailer with the water tank, blue boy and all that stuff today.

Lake, we still got it on our mind but just ain’t got there yet !

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Our tour with the Oliver Legacy Elite II has came to a end. We made a South East and Gulf Coast and Eastern and New England loops, logging on ten thousand miles on the Pony Express !

Now  our focus is on catching up on Family events and fishing. Our first thing to do was to get the boat out of the barn, washed off, oil changed and refueled.


New traps are rigged up and ready to use. The old trap is on the bottom, the new ones will take up less space on the boat.  Between thunder storms the boat needed to be vaccumed out.

The jugs checked and loaded.

Now, if the weather will just give us a break, we’ll get the boat out on the water for the first time this year !

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Arrived at the docking port just after midnight. Got the boat out of the barn the next afternoon.  Went to the tire shop. Hey we want nothing to take time away from fishing, especially a flat. Then to the car wash. The boat is now in the yard charging and we are checking the battery’s.


The boat is a 2011 model, so the tires and battery’s can be getting near the end of service life.

When the boat came out of the barn it was dirtier than I have ever seen it ! After the initial blasting  of the dust and bird dropping away, a hand washing will get it ready for the lake !


Next will be a oil change, then look for a replacement bait trap or two.  We lost another bait trap last year, so today we will go to town to get oil, filter and a couple of bait traps.

Lake, we’re getting’ ready for it !