Thursday, February 27, 2014


The Oliver 2014 Quartzsite Arizona Show Site is closing for the season. It has been such a wonderful thing to re connect with friends from all over the molded fiberglass community ! Here is a short 18 second video showing the show site as it is ready to be moved.

Show site closed and ready to roll !

Our evening visits to the Molded Fiberglass Gathering were such fun, and the sunsets were spectacular out there on Dome Rock Road.

We were excited about all of the cool stuff to see here and I suspect that we worried our subscriber’s a bit with all of the photos.

So many in the molded fiberglass community are knowledgeable about the industry, that we had lots of good in depth chat’s from our lawn chair visits.

We hope we get to see everyone again next year !

Saturday, February 22, 2014


The DIRT TRIBE swept five classes at the off road races in Parker Arizona and then many of them moved down to Quartzsite for the ATV/UTV Rally. The Desert Bloom Rally is an annual event. They are camped all around us and we have had a good time visiting with these Dirt Tribe folks.


Here is a quick “roll By” video of the Dirt Tribe’s campsite.

2014 Desert Bloom ATV/UTV Rally

Here is a still photo look at the campsite.


Ya’ just have to love folks that ain’t afraid to fly “OLD GLORY !”

Here is a look at one “flight” leaving out for a six hour desert ride.

2014 Desert Bloom ATV/UTV Rally

Some mornings there are more than one flight that heads out for the deep Desert.

Many of these folks have came by to visit our Oliver Show site and it’s always a great visit with them. We just have so much in common that there is a lot to talk about !

Saturday, February 15, 2014


No, not like the TV series, but the rock domed mountain located just West of Quartzsite Arizona. The recent Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailer Gathering, on Dome Rock Road, suddenly and almost magically, appeared. Then just as suddenly, it disappeared. The good campers that the are, these MFGer’s, left hardly a trace. There were so many that, it no doubt took a conscious effort to leave so little of a trace.

Here is a look at the gathering in progress.


Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailers of all sizes, shapes and makes, as well as other friends gather in the shadow of Dome Rock Mountain. It was our pleasure to be able to make evening trips to the encampment to visit with friends. And, then one day, it was suddenly and completely gone. Here is that look.


The shadows were getting longer and longer and the evening was so still that Betty and I were pretty sure we could hear a pack rat chewing on something in the distance. That evening’s sunset was spectacular, as usual, as we talked quietly about things like, “ I wonder if we will be able to make it again next year ?”

MFG Friends, we hope to see you under the dome again next year !

Saturday, February 8, 2014



The Dome Rock Road camping area is always cool. However, when many sizes, types and makes of shining white molded fiberglass campers are there, it becomes very cool ! Here is a sunset photo from Jeff and Glenda’s campsite.


As you drive up the frontage road from Quartzsite,  you will find the area welcome sign.


And the area campground Host site. You can tell by first glance that they are boondockers !


Here is a quick roll by video that gives a pretty good overview.

2014 Quartzsite Molded Fiberglass Gathering



Both Jeff and Glenda are Veterans and they always fly “OLD GLORY” at their molded fiberglass campsite.

We are enjoying our evening visits at the Molded Fiberglass Gathering in Quartzsite out on Dome Rock Road !