Friday, April 30, 2010


Breakfast at the Outlaw Oliver campsite with Steve and Tali.

 100_1841 100_1839 100_1840

Followed by dominoes !


Thursday, April 29, 2010


Betty and I show two from this mornings catch.

today's catch

We have decided to not cast the jugs tonight ! We have had good luck and have enough fish on hand that everyone that wants to, can take some home with them.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Fishin’, Food, Fires & Fun !

100_1800 100_1783 100_1784 100_1789 100_1793 100_1794 100_1795 100_1798

Monday, April 26, 2010


Today’s catch.


Look, honey ! Is that jug moving ? 100_1782

Woo Hoo ! we be fishin’ now !100_1783

Hang on Pete ! He’s a’ goodun’ !100_1784

Got him landed !


Third cast results. Lookin’ Good !

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Bugeyedriver launches his Mirage Drive Hobie fishing Kayak at Lake Greeson during Jugfest2010.

100_1774100_1773 100_1772 We had to clean fish a second time that day ! Pretty cool stuff !  


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Betty & Fran land a good Flathead catfish. 1272028706804


Kirby Landing, Lake Greeson, 1271970833475Weston Point, Campsite #104



Wednesday, April 21, 2010


While camped on the beach at Padre Island National seashore last Winter, Dillon the retired drug dog cold nosed me in the middle of the night. He needed to go outside to wash the dust off of the neighbors trailer wheels. Sometimes he takes awhile to get back, especially if he gets sidetracked by following his nose to a foreign and exotic scent.

So, I turned on the laptop to check email in the wee hours of the morning. In the mornings spam offerings was a company wanting to “drive traffic” to my web site. I summarily dispatched that email to the looser bin, but thought about it for a bit.

By the time Dillon got back from his early morning dust removal project, my curiosity was running wide open. I wanted to know how many visits a day was actually coming to read this redneck’s ramblings.

I installed the Google ad sence software and began to check it out. Astonishingly, the first seven days of that month twelve hundred hits to the site happened ! Soon, I began to wonder about where people were from that had an interest in the blog.

So, ad sence out, and a simple hit counter was installed. Then later, a map that shows where hits come from. It turns out that there are a lot of tools out there to tell site owners where their traffic comes from. The map with dots showed this morning, that folks from Canada to the Caribbean had visited the blog before the sun had even came up here in these Ouachita Mountains ! Want to see where all people come to this blog from ? Just click on the map with the blue dots, it will show you !

Amazing, totally amazing ! Thank you, to our blog followers. If you have a blog, send us a link please,  so we can follow your blog also. He, he, we wanna’ see what you’ve been up to !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There comes a time in the life of a redneck mountaineer, when the creative juices flow, and given enough burlap sacks,


milk crates,


Worn out ice chests,


Tarp straps,


and old antifreeze jugs, that he can create a masterpiece. Here is my offering into the world of fine art ! Tomorrow we will parade all of this plunder, actually a pitiful and tacky flaunting of material wealth, all the way over to Lake Greeson !

WOO HOO ! We is a’ goin’ fishin’ ! It’s the start of JUGFEST2010.

We will be at Weston Point, Kirby Landing, ya’ll bring yer’ bag chairs and we’ll enjoy the wonderful Arkansas Spring time.

Monday, April 19, 2010


It ain’t very often that I choose to let someone speak for me. However, I came across this from Baxter Black, American Citizen and Cowboy Poet. He just about hits all of the high spots for me. Here he is:

We all owe a powerful debt to those who have served, and those that are serving America !

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Though we have never been big fans of living large, we have always felt that if one didn’t study their purchases for it’s longevity and keeping it’s serviceability, we would be shorting our selves in the long run by not spending enough money initially.

Or in Ouachita mountaineer’s terms, ya’ gets what ya’ pays fer’.

Such an example came home to us today while getting ready to go to the lake. Let’s back up and get the whole picture.

In December of 09’, we were working for Amazon dot com in their Coffeyville Kansas facility, and camped at Elk City Lake State Park. A beautiful setting with wide, wonderful campsites. We just loved it !

December had been particularly wet and cold with intermittent freezes. As we prepared to leave just before CHRISTmas, we tore down our sun room and rolled it up neatly into our storage tubes. As a Norther was blowing in, we left out just ahead of the storm and headed south. Here is a look at the sun room and the storage tubes on the Jeep:

Beautiful campsite ! And it’s being paid for as part of our employment at

Now, fast forward several months and thousands of miles down the road.  After Wintering up on Padre Island in South Texas, we are at home in Arkansas getting ready to go to Jugfest2010 at Lake Greeson. As we open the storage tubes a horrible stench fills the air, totally astonishing us !

It was exactly like the worst smelling black water dump station episode that you can imagine ! We have always felt that we had no control over the actions of those that had used a campsite ahead of us, so we always use a ground cover system at the entrance to our Oliver. This time it paid off big time.

There is no doubt that someone had a bad sewer spill at that site. Though aired out and dried well before storage, the ground cloth had became slightly moist from condensation while in the tubes. This made the at one time saturated with ground water, ground cover smell just exactly like the ground it had been on.

Thank goodness for the quality of the materials that Sewing Susan uses in her sun rooms ! After a quick wash in a trash can and hanging out on the clothes line, they are as good as new. The different looking items in the trash can, are some throw rugs that were stored in the tubes with the sun room.

100_1759 100_1757

The bottom line for us is, buy the best quality that we can afford.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My old retired drug dog and huntin’ buddy, Dillon, has always been a Squirrel dog. As a youngster he was fast enough to be able to occasionally catch a Squirrel on the ground. I didn’t encourage that at all while he was a working dog, but, he’s retired now, after riding with me for eight and a half years.

Poco and Patch are also Squirrel dogs. Patch stays home while we are away, living in the barn and spends her days treeing Squirrels around the home place. They have a buddy that they infected with the Squirrel huntin’ desire, Oscar, who some folks mistake for a silly little foo foo lap dog. Here is a look at Oscar on his Spring break: OSCAR'S SPRING BREAK But they know the difference, and when high up in the Rocky Mountains, they all team up to tree the elusive Golden squirrel.

We almost never take a squirrel around our home place. Instead we feed them and try to provide their needs. The simple logic of that is that the squirrels, because of their gregarious nature, are the ones that actually train the dogs.  Currently, Betty is feeding them sunflower seeds to improve the quality of their fur coat to help them make the Winter. I usually take old deer antlers and place them where the Squirrels can access them to help with their need for Calcium.

100_1750 100_1755

However, the dogs are home now and Patch has enough help that the Squirrels are staying up higher in the trees away from the dogs. Consequently they are starting to work on the old antlers that are hanging up high on the front of the dog kennel.


On the back side of this left beam there is a drop tine. It must be different somehow and the Squirrels have left it alone and have been gnawing upon harder to get to parts of the antler.100_1751 100_1752 100_1753

The Squirrels have became less than afraid of humans and interact with them in close proximity, so it may soon be time to re instill some fear back into them. A tough love thing. This short video shows a Squirrel gnawing on an antler when I walk up, talking to him all of the time. Listen at the very start of the video and you can hear his sharp teeth rasping as he gnaws on the antler:

Monday, April 12, 2010


During our Winter’s stay at the Padre Island National Seashore, we made many trips down the beach. We were always amazed at the stuff that would drift up over night. Sometimes we would sit there gawking at some new item, speculating at it’s point of origin, or, how it even got in the water in the first place. Here is a few of those items.


What’s left of a pleasure boat hull.100_1386

Picnic table.


Jet Ski Hull.


This was the wheels, tires, rear axle and all, we wondered if maybe the rest of the truck was down there, out of sight, under the sand.


Life Boat hull.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Woo Hoo ! Today we finalized the last of our jobs for this year ! We look forward to seeing all of our friends up in the valley again this year at the Reynolds station. Here is what our agenda looks like:
Larry & Betty Harmon
Vandervoort, Ar 71972
2010 mountainborn  Itinerary
May to September= Managing a 50 campsite campground above 10 thousand feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado
September to October= Sugar Beet Harvest at Reynolds North Dakota near the Canadian Border
November to December= Amazon dot com's CHRISTmas rush Season in Campbellsville KY
January to March, of 2011= Padre Island National seashore Texas looking for work or fishing, which ever comes first
We ran into Rich and Rosie Smith, from the Reynolds Beet Piling Station, earlier this year down on the Padre Island National seashore and had a great time visiting with them.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Systems all checked. We are ready for them catfish ! Jugfest2010 Lake Greeson Kirby Landing.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Fresh out of storage. New battery’s installed. De Winterized. Oil change, fuel filters and on and on.

The boat isn’t on the water so it sounds a bit loud. Here is a short video look:

I guess that it is time to dig the power washer out of the shed and shine the ol’ gal up.


Look out whisker fish ! We will be on the Lake soon !

Thursday, April 8, 2010



The battery’s just didn’t recover sufficiently even when left on charge overnight. It is time to quit messin’ with them and replace both of them.


The one on the left is the supply to the high thrust trolling motor, but it is also the battery backup should something happen to the main starting battery. Both are deep cycle Marine battery’s. My thinking on it is that if we were dead in the water and at the mercy of a storm, we would be wishing we has spent the few bucks it takes to replace both of them.

On Lake Greeson you could shelter in a cove because of the way the lake is laid out.

Lake Ouachita is much larger ( 34 miles long ) and we have weathered 5’ swells on it. Yeh, new battery’s, it’s a no brainer !

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


As we enter our second year of retirement, we have lined up our jobs for the year. We will be making just about the same round as last year, ending up in Padre Island for the hardest part of Winter.

Just walked out to the mail box and put the last of our paperwork in the mail box and raised the flag.


Yup, we had a great time last year and we wanna’ do er’ all over again !

The jobs are direct deposit to our bank and our campsites are paid for. It don’t get much better than that !

To help us to keep up with our “road” friends we run FOURSQUARE, TWITTER, SKYPE and use FACEBOOK & My Space, as well as post to this blog.

 Four Square Link

Twitter Link

Face Book Link

My Space Link

Skype Link

Mountainborn Chronicles Link

Four Square is a small cell phone based program that lets friends keep up with where each other are . Should they get near each other and want to visit it makes it simple.

Our Twitter is set up to update our Four square and our face book.

Face book and My Space are both social networking websites.

Skype allows us to telephone, internet voip ( voice over internet protocol ) call or text with our friends in which ever mode is most comfortable for them.

The video chat for free is one of Skype’s features that we use the most. It is pretty cool to fire up the laptop and the whole room of people can join in on a visit !

So there we are, out on the road somewhere, sitting in our living room. The Grand kids are sitting in their living room back home. And, we can chat comfortably and casually with each other. It is the BoMb !

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


First things first ! During the un Winterizing of Harm’s Weigh, there is a lengthy list of things to check while charging the battery’s. There is a back up battery with an electronic isolator, but they haven’t been ran or charged since Jugfest 09’.


The registration and insurance data is all up to date.


The mooring cover is off to reveal evidence of spiders, birds and other critters.100_1706

A quick check of the 35 gallon live well revealed a couple of mussel shells that had been huffed up by catfish. They gotta’ go !100_1700

Navigational electronics and marine radio checked out.


Tackle box in place.

100_1702 200 feet of river anchor and chain flaked down.100_1703

Extra large fish handling gear stowed.100_1704

Enough life jackets for everybody or we don’t move !


Extra prop, lock nut and floating wrench, along with marine tool kit, flare gun and first aid kit.100_1705

LAKE ! We gotter’ on our minds ! Hope we see you at Jugfest 2010 !