Wednesday, April 7, 2010


As we enter our second year of retirement, we have lined up our jobs for the year. We will be making just about the same round as last year, ending up in Padre Island for the hardest part of Winter.

Just walked out to the mail box and put the last of our paperwork in the mail box and raised the flag.


Yup, we had a great time last year and we wanna’ do er’ all over again !

The jobs are direct deposit to our bank and our campsites are paid for. It don’t get much better than that !

To help us to keep up with our “road” friends we run FOURSQUARE, TWITTER, SKYPE and use FACEBOOK & My Space, as well as post to this blog.

 Four Square Link

Twitter Link

Face Book Link

My Space Link

Skype Link

Mountainborn Chronicles Link

Four Square is a small cell phone based program that lets friends keep up with where each other are . Should they get near each other and want to visit it makes it simple.

Our Twitter is set up to update our Four square and our face book.

Face book and My Space are both social networking websites.

Skype allows us to telephone, internet voip ( voice over internet protocol ) call or text with our friends in which ever mode is most comfortable for them.

The video chat for free is one of Skype’s features that we use the most. It is pretty cool to fire up the laptop and the whole room of people can join in on a visit !

So there we are, out on the road somewhere, sitting in our living room. The Grand kids are sitting in their living room back home. And, we can chat comfortably and casually with each other. It is the BoMb !

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Greggo Schoenle said...

Thank you for sharing the squirrel video.My father whom everyone called Pop had a squirrel that would come up on his front porch and Pop would feed him out of his hand.That squirrel must have told his friends because before long there were six coming to eat.A few built nests in his front yard tree and soon he had baby squirrels.Thanks for helping me relive some good memories.