Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There comes a time in the life of a redneck mountaineer, when the creative juices flow, and given enough burlap sacks,


milk crates,


Worn out ice chests,


Tarp straps,


and old antifreeze jugs, that he can create a masterpiece. Here is my offering into the world of fine art ! Tomorrow we will parade all of this plunder, actually a pitiful and tacky flaunting of material wealth, all the way over to Lake Greeson !

WOO HOO ! We is a’ goin’ fishin’ ! It’s the start of JUGFEST2010.

We will be at Weston Point, Kirby Landing, ya’ll bring yer’ bag chairs and we’ll enjoy the wonderful Arkansas Spring time.


American Daze said...

Mountainborn, you had me till you got to the burlap....I was raised in West Tn...never saw burlap used...I must have been absent that day...lol

mountainborn said...

He, he, I'll bet you Tennessee boys call them burlap sacks " croaker bags" for when you go frog gigging !

mountainborn said...

Oh, yeh, we stuff lawn chairs, small folding tables and such plunder into them. It is nearly impossible to go camping without a few good burlap sacks !