Saturday, October 26, 2013


Every sugar beet harvest season seems to be different, and this, our fifth, is no different in that respect. This one is wet. We are about half way into the harvest and are into one of several “too wet “shutdowns. Here is a look at our front yard in the Hillsboro RV park.


Wet ? Yeah buddy ! I guess it is !


The patio rug is under water, so we have to be careful when we step out of the front door. Poco sometimes forgets in his haste to be the first one out the door and before he can get stopped , he is standing in water !


If it gets any deeper our flag’s solar lights will go under.


Rainy day solution: Catch up on TV episodes, that were missed while working night shift, by streaming them down on the internet, while sampling some of Betty’s fine apple pies !

Thursday, October 17, 2013


When we were scuba diving the changes in pressure would give us a heads up about a pending problem with a tooth. Those same pressure changes happen when you ascend or descend in elevation This year as we came down from a Summer at 10,300 feet high, I noticed a twinge in the tooth that had lost it’s crown, and had been replaced,  last year.


Naturally it got worse as time went by. Two days ago,  I had to find a dentist that could work me into their schedule. An extraction was in order, and, it didn’t go well. Though the Dentist did all that they could, it was a molar with three roots. A bit of an unusual tooth. Hidden under the crown, a cavity had started un detected and had gotten progressively bad over time. Wednesday morning when I woke up, I was in pain and my face swollen. I had to get off of the dime and take care of business.

A three root extraction can have complications, and sure enough, this one did. Two of the root tips broke off and they sent me to a oral surgeon to get them out. The surgeon was good, quick and efficient, so by 1830 hrs. we were headed back to the 5er’. The surgeon sent me home with a bag full of gauze, meds and care instructions


The next morning it is a whole new world !

Our rain shut down is over and we will be back to piling beets tonight !


Friday, October 11, 2013


This is our fifth sugar beet harvest up in the Red River Valley of the North. It is a cool workamper job with great co workers. Each season is different and that is one of the neat things about it. This season has been on again and off again, but we’re hanging in there and makin’ money while we’re at it !


That boom is 110 feet long and it makes a pile that is about 250 feet wide.


Yup, thirty two feet high !

If this season finishes up as they have it planned, we will build one of the largest piles ever ! One year our pretty standard size pile was worth 11 million dollars !  That means that there is no telling just what this years much larger pile will be worth.


We probably get more questions asked of us, about the sugar beet harvest, than our other jobs. Here is a link to a web site that will give much information about the harvest.

It is outside work in all kinds of weather, but it pays regular time, time and a half, and double time ! Our full hookups campsite is paid for us by the employer !

Good folks, good work, great pay, hey, it’s the beet harvest !

Saturday, October 5, 2013


When we completed our fourth year of full time RV’ing, three of those years had been in our Coleman 37’ fifthwheel.  Each of those three years had been different and had presented new challenges for us. Each year had brought new booboo’s to the finish of our 5er’. Here is a look at them.


This dent in the skirt of the living room slideout, happened on our first trip out when we had less than 1000 miles on it.

West bound on I-40, someone in the Eastbound lane clipped a orange, trashcan sized traffic pylon and it came into our lane, hitting the slideout.


Our second year in the Coleman, we were headed for the sugar beet harvest when we couldn’t avoid a piece of steel in the highway. It blew two tires and ruined two wheels, tearing loose the wheel trim.100_3781

Our third year in the Coleman we were up on the Lakota Sioux Reservation when we met a tractor pulling a large piece of farm equipment. I remember thinking, “how in the heck did we ever miss that thing!”. It was a gusty wind day and we didn’t know until a friend asked about a scratch later, that we hadn’t really missed it at all !100_3797

This is mine, all mine, no one else involved, to pass the buck to. I made too tight of a turn down in an industrial area, to get out of a cul de sac, and put the bumper of the Jeep into the rear corner of the fiver.

They are all very minor in nature, and more in the nature of a blemish than actual damage. But, and that’s a big but, it sure makes us wonder just what is in store for us out on the highway to adventure, this year as we begin our fifth year of full timing in our RV !