Thursday, October 17, 2013


When we were scuba diving the changes in pressure would give us a heads up about a pending problem with a tooth. Those same pressure changes happen when you ascend or descend in elevation This year as we came down from a Summer at 10,300 feet high, I noticed a twinge in the tooth that had lost it’s crown, and had been replaced,  last year.


Naturally it got worse as time went by. Two days ago,  I had to find a dentist that could work me into their schedule. An extraction was in order, and, it didn’t go well. Though the Dentist did all that they could, it was a molar with three roots. A bit of an unusual tooth. Hidden under the crown, a cavity had started un detected and had gotten progressively bad over time. Wednesday morning when I woke up, I was in pain and my face swollen. I had to get off of the dime and take care of business.

A three root extraction can have complications, and sure enough, this one did. Two of the root tips broke off and they sent me to a oral surgeon to get them out. The surgeon was good, quick and efficient, so by 1830 hrs. we were headed back to the 5er’. The surgeon sent me home with a bag full of gauze, meds and care instructions


The next morning it is a whole new world !

Our rain shut down is over and we will be back to piling beets tonight !


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