Saturday, December 28, 2013


Since our release at Amazon’s SDF-1 facility in Campbellsville Kentucky, we have been ginning around a t a good clip ! We had a storm that night and then heard later on the weather channel that it been a near miss by a tornado ! It got us up out of a fatigue driven sleep when a limb hit our air conditioning cover on the roof, breaking it.


The next day we slept in a bit, then finished rounding up our plunder and leaving out for Hohenwald Tennessee. Overnighting on the Oliver Travel Trailer’s Factory Parking lot. Up early the next morning for a whirlwind tour of the plant with lots of photo opportunity’s.


Driving late that night, we pulled into the Kinfolk’s driveway in Arkansas.

The next morning it’s up early for driver’s license renewal, oil changes and just on and on.


New air conditioner cover in place. Curt’s Tire and RV had the cheapest one available. Today things slowed down enough, after a week, that I remembered, “oh geeze I didn’t Blog lately !” ! It’s time to slow down a little and get a cup of coffee with a slice of Betty’s fresh Apple pie.


Hey ! Geeze ! Is that Apple pie winking at me ?

Sunday, December 15, 2013


While in Lebanon, we went by the Maker’s Mark distillery. Here are some more “ yep, they too were closed “ photos.


We should have realized we were a bit early when we took this photo.


The sun is still behind the hill.


Stacked limestone fence on the road into the distillery.


Can you see the “SEE ROCK CITY” sign on the barn in the background ?


Covered foot bridge over Whiskey Creek.


Antique fire truck decked out for CHRISTmas. How about that cool old gas pump ?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It is our regularly scheduled day off at Amazon’s SDF-1 facility. It is late in the peak season and everyone is beginning to look a bit tired. We slept in this morning, which is quite a luxury for us, because our normal work day begins at 0430 hrs.


As the coffee pot percolates and the news channel on the Tv is mindlessly jabbering as the “talking head” rattles on ceaselessly about the weather, we look out of the office slide window, enjoying it. It has been cold for long enough that the ground temperature is low, so the snow that is wafting down, will accumulate.

As I type, Betty sets a cup of steaming coffee in front of me.


At first sip, I note that the ground is covering quite rapidly with snow.


Vegetating in Campbellsville !

Friday, December 6, 2013


To Tank or not to tank, cold weather campers must consider ! Camping in cold weather has it’s own set of considerations and water freezing up can be a camping trip spoiler. We do it a couple of different ways.

Way #1. Our home made freeze proof water hose. It works well, but in some campgrounds it just isn’t long enough. Then when it is long enough to reach, it has it’s own set of problems, such as the campground’s side of the freeze proof faucet,  can freeze, so you have to freeze proof it also, ect, ect..

Way #2. The way we are doing it here in Kentucky at the Green River Lake State Park. Here is a look at the campground’s freeze proof faucet.


Though it is freezing outside, note the snow on the ground, this faucet automatically drains back down below ground level so it can’t freeze.

We keep the hose drained on a gradual incline, as in this photo.


To make sure the hose drains, the hose is loosened like this photo.


Note the lady bugs seeking the small warm place near the water inlet. There is a check valve out of sight inside that keeps the water from coming all the way up to the fitting where it could freeze.

The city water system is separated from the water pump and tank by another check valve, so here is how we fill the tank from our outside kitchen sink faucet.


Here is how the kitchen faucet looks before the hose is hooked up.


That short coiled fill hose is kept drained and at the ready in the outside kitchen sink.

In this photo the hose is on a incline to aid in draining and the end is off the ground so it can’t freeze to the ground.


It is about a ten minute process to hook up, fill the tank, then re stow the hose.