Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It is our regularly scheduled day off at Amazon’s SDF-1 facility. It is late in the peak season and everyone is beginning to look a bit tired. We slept in this morning, which is quite a luxury for us, because our normal work day begins at 0430 hrs.


As the coffee pot percolates and the news channel on the Tv is mindlessly jabbering as the “talking head” rattles on ceaselessly about the weather, we look out of the office slide window, enjoying it. It has been cold for long enough that the ground temperature is low, so the snow that is wafting down, will accumulate.

As I type, Betty sets a cup of steaming coffee in front of me.


At first sip, I note that the ground is covering quite rapidly with snow.


Vegetating in Campbellsville !


Jim & Linda Mossman said...

Always fun to read your blog.

mountainborn said...

Just read your latest post down on the gate too. Cold here at Amazon !

Bobbie and Jim said...

Heard John Long was told their last day would be Dec. 19...will you get off earlier also? Always nice to read your blog post. How about a photo of Betty?

mountainborn said...

Bobbie and Jim said...19th ? We seem to get released about the 21st each year