Saturday, April 27, 2013


The Bait Fish catch improved, a change for the better. Then the fishing improved, also a change for the better. We moved the bait traps, and we moved our jug casting area. Sometimes, change is good, and in this case it was. After a couple of days of good catches in the morning, it is time to clean fish for a change.


The hourly forecast for this morning was that it would cloud up and the wind would kick up to fourteen miles per hour, at mid morning. Where we are casting now, we have to cross a open stretch of water, so we left out at first light, in order to be back at camp before the lake got rough.


In this photo it is just before 10 A.M., and it is already starting to blow as we clean fish. The weatherman nailed it again ! Thanks, Weather forecaster’s, for helping us plan our outdoors activities to maximize our fun !

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Primitive camping for extended stays is a thing that we truly enjoy. Our 5’er’s solar power, a blueboy black water tank and a fresh water tank make it possible. Here are a couple of photos from our last water haul.


Our water source is the U.S. Corps of Engineer’s hydrant at the Little Fir filling and dumping station.


It is early in the Corps. camping season and the water smells a bit of chlorine when filling, but dissipates quickly in the tank. Here is a look at all of the containers on the trailer.


The brown barrel is ours and the other containers are for our neighboring three campsites.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


We have  been hearing about the Canadian front that was heading our way for about three days. Then, while sitting around the campfire, chewing the fat with the neighbors, we saw one of the campground regulars come flying down the lake. He had his John Boat wound up, and he was running just ahead of a heavy, pouring, rain storm. The forecast storm was right on schedule. So, here is the plan for the rest of the day.


We pulled the boat out because of the heavy wind yesterday, and refueled it, so it will be ready for the next round of fishing. Since it was so windy, we took the opportunity to haul water, get up firewood and other small chores. Though windy, good sunshine on the solar panels, had topped off our battery bank, so we will be able to catch the TV news, ect..

Dark clouds and heavy downpour reduce the reading light enough that I have pressed this little led reading light into service.


Now, it’s time to den up and wait out the weather, with a good book !

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So, how’s it going, one might ask, over at Lake Ouachita, jug fishing this April of 2013 ? Drastic changes to the Lake have occurred since we fished here years ago. The hydrilla is all gone and the baitfish are almost non existent.  The fishing is slow, but our style of jug fishing is productive. Here is a short 22 second look at what’s in the live box.

Mostly Channel cats in the live box

And, you know the rest of the story, with the catch in the live box, the work has just began. A look at the fish cleaning station by the lakeside.


Just look at that dishpan full of cleaned fish ! Spring time jug fishing on the lake. Loving it !

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Our latest move in the 5er is to a cool off the grid campsite on Lake Ouachita. It is out on Housley Point, in the Big Fir primitive campground. Here is a look.


Friends Jeff and Glenda are camped nearby . We both have solar power so this remote campsite isn’t much inconvenience at all. We have 3g signal for the mifi, send and receive text messages and make phone calls as needed . The solar panels and battery bank power a small inverter and there is plenty of power for charging cell phones and lap top, as well as power the tv and satellite receiver. Here is a look at Jeff and Glenda’s campsite.


The Deputy Sheriff stopped by to say that some campers over at the little fir campground were going to have to move as the lake rises after the last rain.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Family, Fishing, Food, Fun, Fantastic !


Lunch time. Betty grills !


Nap Time. Kyle crashes !


Maddie has lunch. But isn’t ready for a nap just yet !


Poco says, “ common’ Ma’ don’cha’ have just a tiny bite for me ?100_3649

Hey, Maddie, lets test out that recliner of Gran pa’s !


Steph finishes up Maddies feeding time, now if Kyle can get her to nap !

Saturday, April 6, 2013


We have camped on nearby lakes to fish for many Springtime ‘s past. There is one thing for sure about it. We just don’t go without an ample supply of tarp straps, Duct Tape, Bailing Wire and Milk crates. As the trailer is loaded each stage is tarp strapped down. In this photo straps hang at the ready as loading progresses.100_3621

Blueboy, Water tank, Fishing jugs, bait traps, livebox, and on and on, are loaded and strapped in place for the short trip to the lake. Here is a look at the trailer, nearing half loaded.100_3620

Milk crates, because of their durable nature serve many uses, this one carries a few tools and the chainsaw lubricants and fuel.


The supply of tarp straps dwindles as loading progresses.


As I sit in my folding camo camp chair sipping on coffee, It occurred to me that if I won the lottery, I couldn’t buy a better trailer for our purpose, than this ugly little one that we have used and abused for so many years.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Friends Jeff and Glenda started communicating when they were ready to head this way from spending their Winter out in the Dessert South West. They were in Cloudcroft New Mexico when we talked, instead of texting, for the first time. It was raining here and the forecast was for several days more of it. Glenda has a blog named CASITA ESCAPES.  Here is a look at their setup as they stopped for fishing license, on the way to the lake.


As you can see it was still raining as we showed them the way out to the campsite. In this photo Jeff and Glenda stand in front of their Casita.


The rooftop water bladder on their truck was filled at the Little Fir dump station on the way out to Big Fir. They have a couple of solar panels and are ready to fish for awhile.

We pulled our boat out to Housley point since they will be there with it. We will move our 5er out tomorrow.

It’s jug fishing time again this Spring !

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Extended boondocking stays are such a cool thing, and we have always enjoyed  and prefer them. But there are several things that must be considered. Our 500 watts of solar and Yamaha 3000 watt generator, pretty much take care of power.  The water tank and pump along with the 35 gallon blueboy for blackwater ,take care of the tanks. Here is how they look on the small utility trailer.


When we exercise reasonable water consumption, it in turn reduces the amount of waste water. We make a short trip to dump the blueboy and fill the water tank  about ever two weeks, sometimes a little bit more or less. When the weather and water gets warmer we will bathe in the lake, which really conserves freshwater and grey water tank capacity.