Thursday, April 4, 2013


Friends Jeff and Glenda started communicating when they were ready to head this way from spending their Winter out in the Dessert South West. They were in Cloudcroft New Mexico when we talked, instead of texting, for the first time. It was raining here and the forecast was for several days more of it. Glenda has a blog named CASITA ESCAPES.  Here is a look at their setup as they stopped for fishing license, on the way to the lake.


As you can see it was still raining as we showed them the way out to the campsite. In this photo Jeff and Glenda stand in front of their Casita.


The rooftop water bladder on their truck was filled at the Little Fir dump station on the way out to Big Fir. They have a couple of solar panels and are ready to fish for awhile.

We pulled our boat out to Housley point since they will be there with it. We will move our 5er out tomorrow.

It’s jug fishing time again this Spring !

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