Saturday, April 13, 2013


Our latest move in the 5er is to a cool off the grid campsite on Lake Ouachita. It is out on Housley Point, in the Big Fir primitive campground. Here is a look.


Friends Jeff and Glenda are camped nearby . We both have solar power so this remote campsite isn’t much inconvenience at all. We have 3g signal for the mifi, send and receive text messages and make phone calls as needed . The solar panels and battery bank power a small inverter and there is plenty of power for charging cell phones and lap top, as well as power the tv and satellite receiver. Here is a look at Jeff and Glenda’s campsite.


The Deputy Sheriff stopped by to say that some campers over at the little fir campground were going to have to move as the lake rises after the last rain.

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richies said...

Seems like they are being much more careful after the Albert Pike flood. We were at Shady Lake yesterday and the campsites along the river were closed as were the Bard Springs campsites.