Saturday, April 20, 2013


We have  been hearing about the Canadian front that was heading our way for about three days. Then, while sitting around the campfire, chewing the fat with the neighbors, we saw one of the campground regulars come flying down the lake. He had his John Boat wound up, and he was running just ahead of a heavy, pouring, rain storm. The forecast storm was right on schedule. So, here is the plan for the rest of the day.


We pulled the boat out because of the heavy wind yesterday, and refueled it, so it will be ready for the next round of fishing. Since it was so windy, we took the opportunity to haul water, get up firewood and other small chores. Though windy, good sunshine on the solar panels, had topped off our battery bank, so we will be able to catch the TV news, ect..

Dark clouds and heavy downpour reduce the reading light enough that I have pressed this little led reading light into service.


Now, it’s time to den up and wait out the weather, with a good book !

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