Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So, how’s it going, one might ask, over at Lake Ouachita, jug fishing this April of 2013 ? Drastic changes to the Lake have occurred since we fished here years ago. The hydrilla is all gone and the baitfish are almost non existent.  The fishing is slow, but our style of jug fishing is productive. Here is a short 22 second look at what’s in the live box.

Mostly Channel cats in the live box

And, you know the rest of the story, with the catch in the live box, the work has just began. A look at the fish cleaning station by the lakeside.


Just look at that dishpan full of cleaned fish ! Spring time jug fishing on the lake. Loving it !


Happy Trails said...

Ya'll still going to Lake Greeson to fish? Chuck and I are stopping there on our way back to FL in Sept. We also plan on fishing with you next Spring, if you will let us! Geri and Chuck

mountainborn said...

Of course you can !This year we are over at Lake Ouachita, Housley Point, Big Fir campground.