Friday, July 25, 2014


Big Storm on the Lake


Big Storm on the Lake



July 25, 2014

by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

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After coming off of the road for Oliver’s ten thousand mile Legacy II Tour, we have been camped out on the lake. Fishing and vegetating. It was a bit of a whirlwind tour and we have been getting caught up on our loafing. Until day before yesterday, that is. A big storm came through and blew hundreds of trees down and all of the power lines. Here is a look at Betty and I chain sawing and clearing the road.


Here is a clickable link to a brief video of the narrow access trail that we chain sawed out.

Narrow chainsaw trail

After such a great adventure, we may just be ready to see if Oliver is about ready to activate the Road Crew again !

Saturday, July 19, 2014


We slept well with every window in the fifth wheel open last night !  Coffee around the campfire felt gooood early this morning. We slept like a rock. There was almost no boat traffic out on the lake and the lake surface was like a pane of glass this morning at sunrise. At the time of this writing, it is only 64* ! Now, just what’s up with that ? Is it really July ? Here we are in the last half of July and we are sitting around a campfire talking about how good it feels.


There is a faint breeze this morning, just enough to move the air a bit, and it is quiet for a Saturday morning on the lake.

Last evening just before dark a whole line of boats came through the cut around Housley point. They were headed towards Ebone Point campground, loaded down with tents and sleeping bags. Shuttle traffic to Ebone Point has been light though it is the time of the year for the annual campout at the boat in only campground.

It is quiet and cool for a July. I think I will have another cup of coffee and enjoy the fire a bit before I go check the email.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Another video flashback of the ten thousand mile Oliver Legacy II 2014 Tour. Mobile Bay Alabama, right down on the water, on the East side of the bay, just South of the Old Spanish Fort, is a great campground. Though it is a bit strange to get to, it is such a pleasant stay ! Here is a quick look at a short video scan around of the campground.

State Park right down on the water at Mobile Bay Alabama

We probably would have never found this cool place, it it weren’t for MrPrez ! ( Obviously, this is his screen name.) Our communications with the Prez had been going on ever since we first got back from the Oliver Show Site out in Quartzsite Arizona. It was clear from our exchanged messages, that he was monitoring our progress via the internet. And by the time we had worked our way around the Gulf of Mexico to Mobile Bay, he had figured out what kind of campsites we seemed to prefer. His directions were very specific. They went kind of like this. “Turn right off of the I-10 Mobile Bay bridge, cross over to the bridge beside it, and turn right”. WOW !

Now I thought to myself, “either this is one unique interchange, or we are fixin’ to get this Oliver wet!”

Well, we stayed dry and his directions were exactly right ! Soon we were comfortable and ready to show the Legacy II to the Prez’es !

Thanks MrPrez for a heads up on a great campground !

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Our lawn chairs are an important part of our overall camping experience. We haul them thousands of miles and drag them out into all kinds of weather and outdoors settings. They get rain, snow, sleet and get burns from campfire cinders that pop out of the fire. Ours, like every one’s, have had a rough life. When they started sinking down on the rear leg’s and trying to tip over backwards, it was time to repair. Here is a look.


As you can see the leg caps have worn completely through. Here is the finished look.


The caps are walking cane tips and are a soft rubber compound, making the chairs easier on carpet and linoleum, when they are used in a campground’s club house.

Because the chair’s tubular legs can cut through the soft rubber cane tips I put a washer in to negate that. Here is a look at the old cap and the new one.


We have been dragging these around America’s Heartland for three years now, I wonder if they have another three years in them ?