Saturday, July 5, 2014


Our lawn chairs are an important part of our overall camping experience. We haul them thousands of miles and drag them out into all kinds of weather and outdoors settings. They get rain, snow, sleet and get burns from campfire cinders that pop out of the fire. Ours, like every one’s, have had a rough life. When they started sinking down on the rear leg’s and trying to tip over backwards, it was time to repair. Here is a look.


As you can see the leg caps have worn completely through. Here is the finished look.


The caps are walking cane tips and are a soft rubber compound, making the chairs easier on carpet and linoleum, when they are used in a campground’s club house.

Because the chair’s tubular legs can cut through the soft rubber cane tips I put a washer in to negate that. Here is a look at the old cap and the new one.


We have been dragging these around America’s Heartland for three years now, I wonder if they have another three years in them ?

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JO said...

Thanks for that tip. I was about to buy new chairs because of this very problem.