Saturday, June 28, 2014


The benefits of converting our trailer’s G4 Halogen lights to LED’s keep on coming ! Our office slide is normally filled with geegaw’s and doodads’s from various projects, along with lots of wires, and a large Radio Shack power supply.


The power supply provided twelve volts to operate our satellite dome for television. The twelve volt office slide circuit was not able to carry the TV dome, halogen lights, entertainment center as well as all the other 12 volt stuff at the same time. Remove the halogen lights from the circuit and there is now enough capacity to carry the TV dome.


Here is a look at the leds in the light fixture with the fused circuit to power up the dome via the switch below..


Betty says, “ it’s about time some of that clutter went away !”


I respond, “clutter ? What clutter ! It’s hardly visible with the TV swung back in place !

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