Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Arrived at the docking port just after midnight. Got the boat out of the barn the next afternoon.  Went to the tire shop. Hey we want nothing to take time away from fishing, especially a flat. Then to the car wash. The boat is now in the yard charging and we are checking the battery’s.


The boat is a 2011 model, so the tires and battery’s can be getting near the end of service life.

When the boat came out of the barn it was dirtier than I have ever seen it ! After the initial blasting  of the dust and bird dropping away, a hand washing will get it ready for the lake !


Next will be a oil change, then look for a replacement bait trap or two.  We lost another bait trap last year, so today we will go to town to get oil, filter and a couple of bait traps.

Lake, we’re getting’ ready for it !

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