Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The 2015 RV Supershow in Tampa Florida !


Are you going to be there ? We are ! Starting Jan 14th and running for five days according to the video, It is the world's largest Rv show ! We will be overnighting in the Tampa State fairgrounds parking lot, they charge $12 per night. Here is a promotional video of the show. If you haven't ever been to the show, it's hard to imagine how big it is until you see the video.
The seadawg's and maybe other Oliver owners will be there with us. If you can, come on down to Tampa and let's have a big old time while looking at all the newest that the RV Industry has to offer ! Here is a link to the show's web page:
We will be in the Pony Express and pulling a 2015 Legacy Elite II that will be available should some want to see it. Here is what we will look like.


We hope to see you at the 2015 Supershow !

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Today’s fuel efficient design’s for RV’s and indeed trailer’s in general, are prompting the use of aluminum frames  for strength, rigidity and weight reduction, that will result in the owner reaping fuel savings.  Axle’s and suspensions, because of their very nature, are almost always made of steel. And there is the engineering rub. That rub has a name. Galvanic action, or, as end users, like many of us, think of it as, two dissimilar metals in contact, causing corrosion. A solution is the use of the sacrificial anode, like those pictured below.


One method to reduce galvanic action is by isolating the steel suspension assembly, from the aluminum frame, by first mounting it on a heavily galvanized  bracket, before it is mounted to the frame. Here is a look at one manufacturer’s anode installation’s. This anode is located on the bottom of the frame by the Galvanized bracket and suspension.


  This anode  is located on the bottom of the tongue by the Oliver Legacy II’s  Bulldog Hitch.


Most of us have replaced the sacrificial anode that is in many RV hot water heaters, and are used to checking that anode on a annual basis. But if we have an aluminum frame, we probably need to be checking on our aluminum frame’s sacrificial anode’s also.

Should replacing these anodes yourself, be your goal, they are available from your manufacturer, or on eBay. They are strategically placed nearby dissimilar metals and attached with a pop rivet. Readily visible on the bottom of the frame, they are easy to check and replace as needed, using a drill and pop rivet gun.

So, if you Winterize your RV and you are in “salt on the highway” territory, it might be a timely thing to check or replace your aluminum frame anode’s.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Years ago, while back in the “work a day” world, on a day off, I was working my way through a chore list, on the farm.  One of those chores was to worm the small herd of Brangus cattle, that included a young Brangus Bull. Now, the wormer that I had on hand was not the liquid type, that pours on the back, but was instead, the paste in a tube type. He. he, now, those that have been there, already know that this isn’t going to go well !


The cows handled easy and the paste worming went well with them. But, with the Bull however, it quickly became a battle of will’s ! Soon, the bull was back in the pasture, un wormed,  with his cows, and I was looking for something to cut a wedding band off. In the above photo, taken many years later, one may see the ring imprint, but the scar tissue isn’t readily visible.

As my current wedding band wore thin over the years, it began to cut and inflame the old scar tissue. Causing me to leave it on the dresser more than I was comfortable with. Then one day I saw a ad on the internet that caught my attention.


A soft, supple, silicone wedding band. I ordered mine a size larger and it fits and wear’s great ! Here is a look at the ring by it’s self.


This non traditional solution works well for us, but may not be for some that have made better decisions while worming a randy young bull !

Sunday, November 30, 2014


If you have a strong and compelling desire to see what is over there on the other side of the mountain, or maybe, hike to the mountain top in the pre dawn chill, just to see the first rays of sunshine peek over the horizon, you might be a nomad.


As baby boomers retire by the thousands each day, they bring into their new lifestyle, the values instilled in them by their parents. The worlds greatest generation, the World War II Veteran’s and spouse’s. That generation, out of necessity, were world traveler’s and experienced the restlessnes  brought into their lives by the upheaval of WWII.

The new Eisenhower Interstate Highway system was developing rapidly during this same time frame, and they took advantage of it in the form of a rapidly developing Travel Trailer industry.


Because of their intense sense of duty, the world’s Greatest Generation rebuilt America while taking every opportunity to Hit the road.  Many of their offspring, the Baby Boomer’s, first memory’s are of a military base and a Mobile, somewhat Spartan life style. Now as the offspring of the World’s Greatest Generation are retiring, they are often time’s hitting the open road on a full time basis.


Because they are so active and out of doors oriented, many need a trailer that they can get into those places that are just naturally good for the soul. They need a more maneuverable, agile trailer with good ground clearance.

Today’s four season, long lasting, molded fiberglass trailers fully meet that need !

It is a great time in America to be retiring out on to the open road !

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It was a thing that we all enjoyed, the brand new Oliver Forums. Oliver Travel trailers were growing in fantastic leaps and bounds, out reaching everyone's expectations. The factory was swamped with orders and inquiry's. And, yet, some of us wanted more. Though we had a cool new Oliver trailer in the driveway, we wanted more. We wanted a way to visit with other owners and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, photos and much, much, more.
What we needed and wanted ever so badly was a forums.
In its infancy and experiencing growing pains, the Oliver Factory was sympathetic to our needs, but were covered up in the nuts and bolts of phenomenal growth pains. They did however give the ok to proceed with a Forums project, then went back to what they do best, building cool trailers.
So, there we sat, with the green light on the project, but no funding. The solution seemed easy at the time. He, he, now we all know just how those quick fixes can come back to bite us. And of course they did, but way on down the road.
Our web designer at the time provided borrowed server space and we picked up some free software from out there on the internet. We had our own forums !
The forums evolved rapidly and grew wildly, becoming a force of it's own.   
Years of evolving and growth, bring us up to 2014, with many members and moderators on board. Now the forums are on their own servers, having experienced bumps in the road during that major move, and Oliver has a IT Department that is coping with the QUICK FIX SOLUTIONS of the EARLY DAYS.
I have went to the Oliver IT department for help in the past and these guys are absolute Magicians !
Our years old forums issues, are being fixed as they rear their ugly heads, but, it is a pretty labor intensive process.
I have no doubt that Oliver's IT department will prevail, but our iron in the fire is but one of many that they must navigate their way through.
So, here is hat's off, to our forums members, moderators and IT Department for coping with inherited issues from the past, while planning for those cool forums features of the future !
Future ? Yes there will be streamlining changes in the future to make things more "user friendly", and those will be much welcomed changes, but as history has taught us, there will be "bumps in the road !"
So, let's "cinch up tight, screw our hat's down tighter" and ride into the forums future together ! It's gona' be a great ride !

Friday, November 7, 2014


Our first major cold front of the Fall, brought with it a spell of rainy weather. Being cooped up inside, I soon began to look for a project.

We have had a small television that we use from time to time, that is stored away until needed. But as is with most things stored away, the first thought after needing it, is, “ now just where did I put that thing” ! Mounting it up on the wall of the trailer, somewhere out of the way, would resolve that.


And after ordering a double articulating arm, TV mount, it arrived. The plain brown box contained everything that we would need in the way of hardware.


Using the base plate for a template, marking and drilling holes went well and soon the project was finished.


The sound is better and we now have more useable storage space.

All in all it turned out to be a great rainy day project !

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Servicing the wheel bearings on our travel trailer is a given, otherwise we will be on the shoulder of the highway with serious trouble. Choosing the right grease to pack your wheel bearings with, is important, and gives peace of mind. Here is my current choice for a quality grease. Note the wear on the container from many thousands of miles of travel.


Back in the 70’s we had a bearing failure not too long after that bearing was packed with a bargain basement brand of grease, that I had picked up at a flea market in Tucson Arizona. That broke me from cheeping out on grease.


Our jump start battery pack and our 12 volt impact wrench sure make bearing service go smoother !


Our lazer point, infrared thermometer is the thing that tells us if bearing temperatures are creeping up, while traveling. If that bearing temperature is beginning to climb up, our time to service the bearings, is getting near. At each stop, we take a quick check of the tire tread, tire sidewall, brake drum and wheel bearing.

For us, the little extra steps, give us that extra margin of safety, that gives us peace of mind as the miles roll by.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Though it is usually pretty sweet, sometimes, Nomadic life can be a bit cranky.  A recent example for us, is meeting up with family members that are still in the work a day world. Angela and David have driven for Sierra Trucking for a little over seventeen years. They stay busy. They have a dedicated route to the Pacific North West, and usually one can tell by the day of the week, just where they are at.


Here is Angela in front of their Truck “Big Red” while at the Freightliner dealership in LaGrange Oregon. Photo by David.


As we were on our way North to the sugar beet harvest, our paths crossed about forty hours apart and we were both on schedules of arrival. However on the way back to Arkansas, we had the convenience of no schedule to keep, so we would go to one of the fuel stops on their route and await their arrival. Simple, right ? He, he, not ! They broke down ! So, unload their stuff from the truck, go to motel, cab ride to get rental truck from LaGrange to Portland then back with rental, deliver load, pick up new load, back to pick up their truck, return rental, shuffle their stuff again. Oh yeah it was complicated ! Then all the com-check stuff to pay the repair bill, and finally they are on their way ! Woo Hoo ! The saga CONTINUES !

Meanwhile we have satellite TV, internet and cell service, with several good restaurants right near. Yup, we a’ coastin’ and they are hustlin’ !

Friday, October 17, 2014


The shortest Sugar Beet Harvest on record is in the history books !


The weather was absolutely great for the Harvest season, and , when we got started, we didn’t quit until it was over !

This was our sixth harvest season in a row up in the Red River Valley of the North.

Our time with old friends was just way too short.


Then suddenly it was all over and we slept in before going to our traditional after harvest breakfast with co workers.


We had a blowout just a few hours out of North Dakota to add a bit of spice to our adventure.


Then a few hours more, down the road, we stopped to let Poco out for a break and I discovered a snap pin missing on the tow bar.


A redneck tarp strap repair and we were on our way again.


We are now “staged” at the Sapp Brothers Truck stop near Percival Iowa, waiting for Angela and David to pass through with a load of Apples from the Pacific North West, en route to their delivery in the S/E. After that, more road South !

Saturday, September 27, 2014


During the process of doubling up in size, the Hillsboro Campground is under construction during our stay for the Sugar Beet Harvest. Though things are different this year, they are pretty much the same. Some of us are doubling up, two to a campsite, during the campground’s growing pains. Most of the campground is the same though, here is a look.

Sugar Beet Harvest 2014

Here is a look at the construction side of the campground, just outside  our window.


However it is pretty much business as usual and this Saturday night, there is a performer from NewZeland  around the campfire. Here is his flyer.


Today is going to be a twelve on a scale of one to ten ! The Razorbacks play this afternoon, then there is pickin’ and grinnin’ around the campfire tonight !

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Back in 2009, Betty and I worked at Amazon’s Coffeyville Fulfillment Center in Kansas. It was there that we met Chris and Cherie, we were camped near each other, we both worked the night shift and we were both full timing in 17’ Oliver Legacy Elite travel trailer’s. They had been full time RVing since 2006. As they work from out on the road, traveling extensively, they have a good feel for how work Campers feel about the Harper’s article that drew some highly flawed conclusion’s.


Here is a quote from the Technomadia’s article:

“Rather than a story portraying RVing and workamping as a great alternative to the traditional path, the press seems interested in showing it as the absolute last resort of the most down-and-out – forced out onto the road, their retirement dreams in tatters.”

Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard, are collectively, THE TECHNOMADIA’S .

Here is a link to their blog , where they rebut the Harper’s poorly researched piece.

It is almost Sugar Beet Harvest time again and we are on the road to North Dakota, here is a look,


EnRoute to the Harvest we weathered out a hail storm in a old abandoned service station. It was called to my attention by a friend that it looked like a post apocalypse movie scene. In the quick video scan around, it looks like that for sure. Here is a look.

Sheltering from a hail storm I-49 Carthage, Mo

Seems like no time before we were back on the road, Rockin’ on da’ REZ with the Voice of the Mighty Sioux Nation, at 89.9 FM. Here is a look.

Rockin’ to the voice of the mighty Sioux Nation 89.9 FM

Saturday, September 13, 2014


It puzzles some folks, and I can see that quizzical look come across their face, just before they say, WHY ? My initial response is usually, “Well, because we can ! “ But in reality it is much deeper than that. The conversation is about Work Camping, and why we do it as we approach our mid 70’s.


Here is a look at our route to the harvest.

One of the jobs that we work is the Sugar Beet Harvest and we’ll be leaving out to go to it, in the next few days. Here is where you can learn more about the harvest.

Now, like any type of work, it isn’t for everyone, however, even at 70 plus years, it suits us just fine. The harvest is a 24/7 operation until completed and that means being outside in all kinds of weather conditions. If you have a love of everything out of doors, then it might suit you as well as it does us. So, why does a couple of 70 something’s do this ?

Simply put, we feel good about ourselves when we are productive. Being raised by the world’s greatest Generation, the World War II Veteran’s,  we are imbued with a pretty serious work ethic. We are just not going to sit on the front porch rocking and waiting to meet our maker. We will be out there on the road somewhere going to meet him !

So, as the sunrises and we are at the end of a 12 hour shift, nearing the end of the harvest season, we are tired, a bit sore, sometimes more than just a little dirty, how do we feel ? Happy and satisfied that we have been a part of the world’s largest harvest, while working side by side, and keeping up with 20 something’s. Oh, yeah, then there is that other thing, getting paid well for your effort. The job pay’s straight time, time and one half and double time.

It is pretty cool to be retired, knowing that we can spend five months out of the year, basking in and totally immersing ourselves in, our particular intermountain culture ! Yet even then, we spent yesterday volunteering as part of a painting crew working on a local community building that was constructed circa 1909. So, WHY ?

Hey, remember, we have the need to remain productive ! See you out there on the road somewhere !

Saturday, September 6, 2014


The Mother Road, Route 66, runs from Illinois to California. Any time we get near it, a involuntary, reflexive action happens. We escape. Off route. Abandon all plans. Drop off the face of the earth and get lost. Sometimes we wander aimlessly. Sometimes we search out specific places. But one thing for sure, we always have fun ! 

In this photo we are in front of the Phillips 66 Service Station that is in the music video link below.

Here is a look at a book that we pour over on a regular basis because it is such a in depth study of the Mother Road.


This video misses what we think are some of the coolest places, yet it is ever so good !

Enjoy the video and a good look at all of the cool stuff out there on the old Route 66.


This strange phenomenon, the connection between our escape and Route 66, is hard to describe, but, Depeche Mode does it quite well in the above video .

Sometimes escaping is good for the soul !

Saturday, August 23, 2014


When the replacement speakers arrived for the broken external speakers on our fifth wheeler, we had already cleaned all of the old caulking away and were ready for the install. After removing the tape that I had applied to keep the rain out, the next step was to clean the surfaces with alcohol to insure that the caulking sealed well.


Since the factory installer had put the speakers in upside down the first time, I made sure that they were placed as they were engineered to be. The above photo is the correct way. Here, below, is a look at how the installer had them placed.


Note that should the speaker cone break, water can easily enter the trailer.

So, have you got a potential “speaker leaker” ? It might be worth the time to take a look. If your external speakers are covered like the one below, it’s a easy check.


Loosen a screw or two and take a quick peek. It’s a investment in peace of mind !

Saturday, August 16, 2014


During our latest stay out on Lake Ouachita we had a big storm that at first we thought did no damage. However when we went to backtracking a strange drip from our Kitchen cabinets, we made a discovery. Our outside speaker cone had blown out and water could come in.


Looks ok from here.


Here is the culprit after being removed.

After removing the suspect speaker I could see that the cone was broken, allowing water to come inside the trailer. Here is the port the speaker was removed from.


Here is the speaker box inside of the kitchen cabinet.


New speakers were just a click away on eBay, so, we covered the port with shipping tape while waiting for them to arrive.


Now, when we bought the trailer, I did not care for the outside speakers, but I thought, “well, I’ll just leave them off. And we have, but they still came back to bite us in the butt ! Our trailer is six years old and it looks like the leak was there for awhile before we detected it.

Outside speakers, do you want them ?

Saturday, August 9, 2014


It was back in September of 2007, the 9th day, a Saturday as I recall, when I saw my first Oliver travel trailer. I had cruised through the web site, called the factory and talked to the guy in the parts room. The Sales Manager at the time was going to show one at the River Valley Egg Rally in Van Buren Arkansas, and Betty and I drove up to take a look.

Oliver Legacy Elite

My cell phone was fairly new, but the technology just wasn’t there yet and it took grainy and blurry videos that were three minutes long.

Oliver Legacy Elite

As soon as I got back home, I put them up on YouTube so I could show the Oliver to friends.

Oliver Legacy Elite

YouTube didn’t stabilize the video back then, so they were pretty shakey.

Oliver Legacy Elite

The old cell phone didn’t have much memory so it was maxed out on the fourth video.

We just absolutely fell in love with the Oliver and soon we were at the factory picking up our Ollie.

It was hull #3.

The Oliver Travel Trailer makes a lasting impression on every one that sees it, or so it seems. Do you remember the first Oliver that you saw ?

Saturday, August 2, 2014


There is a thing that Betty and I love to do on those sultry, hot, breathless, Summer nights when not a leaf is moving on the lakeside, and it is impossible to sleep. We cruise slowly out on the lake with the stereo playing those old rock tunes that we like so, playing softly. Our dive boat that we had for twelve years or so is long gone and we now have a smaller fishing boat. So, we now operate a little differently.

BEACON in the night

Our dive boat had lots of cool electronics on it for navigation that our fishing boat doesn’t have. This Coleman lantern provides a constant visual fix on the campsite’s location, backed up with a low powered solar light. Not nearly as high powered, as the old boat,  the sound system is pretty good. Here is a look at the bluetooth connected speakers.


The cell phone connects wirelessly to the speakers and also picks up SiriusXM radio for the oldies sound.

As we quietly slip across the surface of Lake Ouachita with no light except the boat’s navigational lights, our night vision is ever so good and we invariably begin to talk about the stars above in the sky. That’s when the cell phone’s star map app comes in handy.

Our four cycle engine is so quiet that we can hear conversations around campfires on the shore, as the sound travels across the water.

Late night cruising, it’s pretty nice. Boondocking on Lake Ouachita, in Arkansas.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Big Storm on the Lake


Big Storm on the Lake



July 25, 2014

by Larry Mountainborn Harmon

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After coming off of the road for Oliver’s ten thousand mile Legacy II Tour, we have been camped out on the lake. Fishing and vegetating. It was a bit of a whirlwind tour and we have been getting caught up on our loafing. Until day before yesterday, that is. A big storm came through and blew hundreds of trees down and all of the power lines. Here is a look at Betty and I chain sawing and clearing the road.


Here is a clickable link to a brief video of the narrow access trail that we chain sawed out.

Narrow chainsaw trail

After such a great adventure, we may just be ready to see if Oliver is about ready to activate the Road Crew again !

Saturday, July 19, 2014


We slept well with every window in the fifth wheel open last night !  Coffee around the campfire felt gooood early this morning. We slept like a rock. There was almost no boat traffic out on the lake and the lake surface was like a pane of glass this morning at sunrise. At the time of this writing, it is only 64* ! Now, just what’s up with that ? Is it really July ? Here we are in the last half of July and we are sitting around a campfire talking about how good it feels.


There is a faint breeze this morning, just enough to move the air a bit, and it is quiet for a Saturday morning on the lake.

Last evening just before dark a whole line of boats came through the cut around Housley point. They were headed towards Ebone Point campground, loaded down with tents and sleeping bags. Shuttle traffic to Ebone Point has been light though it is the time of the year for the annual campout at the boat in only campground.

It is quiet and cool for a July. I think I will have another cup of coffee and enjoy the fire a bit before I go check the email.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Another video flashback of the ten thousand mile Oliver Legacy II 2014 Tour. Mobile Bay Alabama, right down on the water, on the East side of the bay, just South of the Old Spanish Fort, is a great campground. Though it is a bit strange to get to, it is such a pleasant stay ! Here is a quick look at a short video scan around of the campground.

State Park right down on the water at Mobile Bay Alabama

We probably would have never found this cool place, it it weren’t for MrPrez ! ( Obviously, this is his screen name.) Our communications with the Prez had been going on ever since we first got back from the Oliver Show Site out in Quartzsite Arizona. It was clear from our exchanged messages, that he was monitoring our progress via the internet. And by the time we had worked our way around the Gulf of Mexico to Mobile Bay, he had figured out what kind of campsites we seemed to prefer. His directions were very specific. They went kind of like this. “Turn right off of the I-10 Mobile Bay bridge, cross over to the bridge beside it, and turn right”. WOW !

Now I thought to myself, “either this is one unique interchange, or we are fixin’ to get this Oliver wet!”

Well, we stayed dry and his directions were exactly right ! Soon we were comfortable and ready to show the Legacy II to the Prez’es !

Thanks MrPrez for a heads up on a great campground !

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Our lawn chairs are an important part of our overall camping experience. We haul them thousands of miles and drag them out into all kinds of weather and outdoors settings. They get rain, snow, sleet and get burns from campfire cinders that pop out of the fire. Ours, like every one’s, have had a rough life. When they started sinking down on the rear leg’s and trying to tip over backwards, it was time to repair. Here is a look.


As you can see the leg caps have worn completely through. Here is the finished look.


The caps are walking cane tips and are a soft rubber compound, making the chairs easier on carpet and linoleum, when they are used in a campground’s club house.

Because the chair’s tubular legs can cut through the soft rubber cane tips I put a washer in to negate that. Here is a look at the old cap and the new one.


We have been dragging these around America’s Heartland for three years now, I wonder if they have another three years in them ?

Saturday, June 28, 2014


The benefits of converting our trailer’s G4 Halogen lights to LED’s keep on coming ! Our office slide is normally filled with geegaw’s and doodads’s from various projects, along with lots of wires, and a large Radio Shack power supply.


The power supply provided twelve volts to operate our satellite dome for television. The twelve volt office slide circuit was not able to carry the TV dome, halogen lights, entertainment center as well as all the other 12 volt stuff at the same time. Remove the halogen lights from the circuit and there is now enough capacity to carry the TV dome.


Here is a look at the leds in the light fixture with the fused circuit to power up the dome via the switch below..


Betty says, “ it’s about time some of that clutter went away !”


I respond, “clutter ? What clutter ! It’s hardly visible with the TV swung back in place !