Friday, October 17, 2014


The shortest Sugar Beet Harvest on record is in the history books !


The weather was absolutely great for the Harvest season, and , when we got started, we didn’t quit until it was over !

This was our sixth harvest season in a row up in the Red River Valley of the North.

Our time with old friends was just way too short.


Then suddenly it was all over and we slept in before going to our traditional after harvest breakfast with co workers.


We had a blowout just a few hours out of North Dakota to add a bit of spice to our adventure.


Then a few hours more, down the road, we stopped to let Poco out for a break and I discovered a snap pin missing on the tow bar.


A redneck tarp strap repair and we were on our way again.


We are now “staged” at the Sapp Brothers Truck stop near Percival Iowa, waiting for Angela and David to pass through with a load of Apples from the Pacific North West, en route to their delivery in the S/E. After that, more road South !

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