Saturday, September 27, 2014


During the process of doubling up in size, the Hillsboro Campground is under construction during our stay for the Sugar Beet Harvest. Though things are different this year, they are pretty much the same. Some of us are doubling up, two to a campsite, during the campground’s growing pains. Most of the campground is the same though, here is a look.

Sugar Beet Harvest 2014

Here is a look at the construction side of the campground, just outside  our window.


However it is pretty much business as usual and this Saturday night, there is a performer from NewZeland  around the campfire. Here is his flyer.


Today is going to be a twelve on a scale of one to ten ! The Razorbacks play this afternoon, then there is pickin’ and grinnin’ around the campfire tonight !

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