Saturday, September 20, 2014


Back in 2009, Betty and I worked at Amazon’s Coffeyville Fulfillment Center in Kansas. It was there that we met Chris and Cherie, we were camped near each other, we both worked the night shift and we were both full timing in 17’ Oliver Legacy Elite travel trailer’s. They had been full time RVing since 2006. As they work from out on the road, traveling extensively, they have a good feel for how work Campers feel about the Harper’s article that drew some highly flawed conclusion’s.


Here is a quote from the Technomadia’s article:

“Rather than a story portraying RVing and workamping as a great alternative to the traditional path, the press seems interested in showing it as the absolute last resort of the most down-and-out – forced out onto the road, their retirement dreams in tatters.”

Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard, are collectively, THE TECHNOMADIA’S .

Here is a link to their blog , where they rebut the Harper’s poorly researched piece.

It is almost Sugar Beet Harvest time again and we are on the road to North Dakota, here is a look,


EnRoute to the Harvest we weathered out a hail storm in a old abandoned service station. It was called to my attention by a friend that it looked like a post apocalypse movie scene. In the quick video scan around, it looks like that for sure. Here is a look.

Sheltering from a hail storm I-49 Carthage, Mo

Seems like no time before we were back on the road, Rockin’ on da’ REZ with the Voice of the Mighty Sioux Nation, at 89.9 FM. Here is a look.

Rockin’ to the voice of the mighty Sioux Nation 89.9 FM


Bill Osborne said...

We're at Hillsboro, ND for
Beet Harvest. Where will you be?

mountainborn said...

Hi you guys ! We will be at the Reynolds Piling station. We are in site #10 at the Hillsboro RV park, where are you guys ?