Sunday, August 25, 2013


Daily, as we work at the BLRA Gateway Booth, we pass out many maps. Most experienced wilderness trekkers come prepared with their own highly detailed maps, both electronic and paper. The maps that we hand out are not at that level, but work well on the developed trail systems here.  Here is a look at some of them. Click on photo for a larger view.


The campground map shows the lay out of the various campsites.


This is a good overview of the area layout.


Distance and elevation map of the wilderness area. Each day we can look out of our living room window at the skyline of the Indian Peaks Wilderness and the Saint Isabel Glacier. Pretty cool stuff !

Sunday, August 18, 2013


As you can see, the BLRA booth is a busy place. Yet, it is host to a variety of other activities. Here is a cool project that is hosted by the booth.


Volunteer visitors carry a gps tracker during their visit. The gathered data will bear heavily on future development and will help visitors better enjoy their time in the Blra.


At the end of their visit the gps volunteers drop their device in the handy boxes on their way out past the booth.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


The BLRA Gateway Booth has a couple of ways to power up, even though it is miles from the power grid. Here is a look.


On the roof there is a wind generator, solar panels and a satellite dish. Oh, yeah, don’t overlook the lightning rods, they are on everything up here.



The booth fairly bristles with high tech equipment and a maintenance free battery bank.





Lots of cool stuff in a cool place, yet it is hardly noticeable, so it doesn’t detract from the visitors out of doors experience !

Monday, August 5, 2013


At the entrance to the Brainerd Lake Recreation Area there is a Booth. Betty and I are work camping there this Summer. It is up high ( 10,300 at the lake surface ) and the days are mild and the nights are cool. However, one of the coolest things about it, is the booth it’s self.


Here is Betty in front of the booth, waiting for the first visitor of the day. Up this high there is no electricity, telephone or cellular service.


This is the company that we work for.


Map of the area. Click for larger view.


First customer of the day and the sun isn’t up yet !


The parking and camping status board.


Worker parking, map board and the Iron Ranger for depositing after hours user fees.

A look inside and at the power systems to follow soon.

Yeah, it ahs been a busy but cool Summer here at the BLRA !