Saturday, September 28, 2013


Each year when we arrive in the Red River Valley of the north, we look forward to a day of shopping in all of the thrift stores that we can get to. We look for things that we can wear and discard after the sugar beet harvest. The mud from the fields stains clothing enough that it is nearly impossible to get out. This year I needed a replacement heater to go in the cab of the piler. I found this one for $6.00 at the first stop.


Another thing that is of great interest during the harvest season is the weather.

I found this portable radio that picks up the NOAA weather for $3.00 at another stop.


It works on electricity or battery’s, pretty handy !

We found several other clothing items that were of high tech fibers for when the weather does turn.

The fifth year at the sugar beet harvest, we’re loving it !

Saturday, September 21, 2013


After getting clear of the Colorado disaster area, we were ready for a bit of a break, and the cool Cabela’s  in Mitchell SD, was coming up.


Here is a look at some of their cool features for RV’ers.


Got yer’ horses or dogs with ya’ as you travel ?


The kennels are nearby the RV parking where you can keep an eye on them.


Being able to lock the gate while in the store is a cool feature.


Easy parking and great cellular service, as well as 4G internet is the icing on the cake !

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


A cool rest stop on US highway 83 that runs North and South in South Dakota, just below the Sioux reservation. Here is a look.


This is a older rest stop that is well maintained. I guess that we can all remember when there was one of these every few miles.


Located by a nice river, complete with large old growth cottonwood trees, picnic tables and trash barrels, it was a nice step back in time !

Monday, September 16, 2013


A rough, well weathered Jeep trail that climbs for two twisty, bouncy miles, takes you up near the timber line, and, Lefthand Reservoir.  Wildlife and mushroom hunters may be encountered along the way.


Betty and Poco getting ready to come down off of the earthen dam structure.


A look at the reservoir. That’s the Indian Peaks Wilderness in the background.


A map overview of where we are at. As you can see it is up high and there are plenty of lakes. Check out the elevations of those peaks in the background of the reservoir.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


They are in camp every day and night


Traffic jams happen several times each day as visitors grab a quick photo.


They are browsing in the willow bog’s by the lake.

100_3907They are very hard to see after dark and nearly impossible to see in the dark of the moon.

Monday, September 9, 2013


It is a long hard climb up to the BLRA from the mile high city. Yes the BLRA is nearly two miles high. After pulling so hard for so long, those hard pressed engines and drive trains pause to enter the BLRA at the gateway booth. Often those hard pressed vehicles will loose coolant, transmission and other fluids. The boothie’s are ready with handy equipment.


Not only vehicles, but people loose things. Here is one way the booth personnel respond.


Larger items don’t fit in the milk crate, but are kept in a storage room.

Monday, September 2, 2013


The inside of the booth is much like any other workplace. Here is a look.


Hand out materials to fill the visitors needs.


Maps to assist in park and backcountry through hikers.


Building heat is propane.


As automobile, bicycle and foot traffic pass by the booth, a lot of information passes over this desk !