Saturday, September 28, 2013


Each year when we arrive in the Red River Valley of the north, we look forward to a day of shopping in all of the thrift stores that we can get to. We look for things that we can wear and discard after the sugar beet harvest. The mud from the fields stains clothing enough that it is nearly impossible to get out. This year I needed a replacement heater to go in the cab of the piler. I found this one for $6.00 at the first stop.


Another thing that is of great interest during the harvest season is the weather.

I found this portable radio that picks up the NOAA weather for $3.00 at another stop.


It works on electricity or battery’s, pretty handy !

We found several other clothing items that were of high tech fibers for when the weather does turn.

The fifth year at the sugar beet harvest, we’re loving it !

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