Saturday, October 5, 2013


When we completed our fourth year of full time RV’ing, three of those years had been in our Coleman 37’ fifthwheel.  Each of those three years had been different and had presented new challenges for us. Each year had brought new booboo’s to the finish of our 5er’. Here is a look at them.


This dent in the skirt of the living room slideout, happened on our first trip out when we had less than 1000 miles on it.

West bound on I-40, someone in the Eastbound lane clipped a orange, trashcan sized traffic pylon and it came into our lane, hitting the slideout.


Our second year in the Coleman, we were headed for the sugar beet harvest when we couldn’t avoid a piece of steel in the highway. It blew two tires and ruined two wheels, tearing loose the wheel trim.100_3781

Our third year in the Coleman we were up on the Lakota Sioux Reservation when we met a tractor pulling a large piece of farm equipment. I remember thinking, “how in the heck did we ever miss that thing!”. It was a gusty wind day and we didn’t know until a friend asked about a scratch later, that we hadn’t really missed it at all !100_3797

This is mine, all mine, no one else involved, to pass the buck to. I made too tight of a turn down in an industrial area, to get out of a cul de sac, and put the bumper of the Jeep into the rear corner of the fiver.

They are all very minor in nature, and more in the nature of a blemish than actual damage. But, and that’s a big but, it sure makes us wonder just what is in store for us out on the highway to adventure, this year as we begin our fifth year of full timing in our RV !

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Geri Moore-Hajek said...

We have been in our Evergreen 5th wheel 3 years and 5 months, living, working and traveling in it for at least 3 of those years. We spent 2 winters in our home in New Mexico.The only dents we have occurred while workamping at Spring Hollow Utah. Tight turning road to get up to our campsite road required backing up and going forward again. We introduced our back bumper to several rocks along the way! Now with our home in NM sold, we begin our journey into fulltiming in the MotherShip!