Saturday, October 26, 2013


Every sugar beet harvest season seems to be different, and this, our fifth, is no different in that respect. This one is wet. We are about half way into the harvest and are into one of several “too wet “shutdowns. Here is a look at our front yard in the Hillsboro RV park.


Wet ? Yeah buddy ! I guess it is !


The patio rug is under water, so we have to be careful when we step out of the front door. Poco sometimes forgets in his haste to be the first one out the door and before he can get stopped , he is standing in water !


If it gets any deeper our flag’s solar lights will go under.


Rainy day solution: Catch up on TV episodes, that were missed while working night shift, by streaming them down on the internet, while sampling some of Betty’s fine apple pies !


Geri Moore-Hajek said...

Wet here too Larry! Rained off and on all day from DeQueen to down here at Lake Columbia and sprinkles are heard on thr roof right now. Tomorrow is a 40% chance of more rain, so we are staying put!

mountainborn said...

Right, good plan !