Friday, November 1, 2013


The Sugar Beet harvest is over for 2013 ! Today is the round up day for us. That is the day that we round up our plunder and get ready to hoist the anchor so we can depart for Amazon dot com’s Christmas rush season. Here is a quick look at the larger than normal pile that Betty and I worked on this season. This first video is of the head end of the pile with the piling machine walked out away from the pile. Followed by a drive through the Sugar Beet Valley.

2013 Sugar Beet pile

To give a idea of just how big our pile of beets was this year, we shot a drive by video. Here is a look.

A drive by look at the pile

Each foot of this pile has 190 tons of beets in it ! Now, folks, that’s a lot of beets ! Remember that at this piling station, there are three large piles.

Here is a look at the chart with the tonnage figures on it. Note that the chart doesn’t go as high as our pile actually is. Our pile is 35 feet high and the chart only goes up to 34 feet !


Click on any photo for a larger view.

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