Saturday, November 30, 2013


We went back to the Limestone distillery and found out why they were closed the other day. They had been broken into and had a fire. We didn’t get to tour the distillery area but did get to taste the shine and there was lots to see anyhow. We took lots of photos, so here is a look.


This bar is made of barrel staves, some with the bung still in them.


The counter top was cork.


More barrel stave and top art work.


There is a passport book that tour takers can get stamped and the end of the bourbon trail stops, gets you a cool tee shirt.


I kindof ‘ wanted a tee shirt, but passed, I thought I just didn’t want to have that much tied up in a tee shirt. Click on the photos for a larger view.

When Tim Smith came out of the woods and went legal, he has his shine made here.


Barrel and scale for weighing.


Autographed photo of Tim.


Silver serving tray in the tasting area.


A very large old “worm” in the lobby.


Now that’s a work of art !


Even tinier yet !

Now, about the taste test, you might ask ?

The “sugar shine” proofed at 100 proof and it was a bit hot for my taste.

The “revenge” was smooth, very smooth, but a lower proof.

There were other fruit based  liquors to be sampled, but, I just never much cared for the fruity stuff and I didn’t try them.

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