Sunday, November 3, 2013


The Sugar Beet Harvest is over and we have arrived at the Green River Lake State Park, in Campbellsville Kentucky. Here is a look out of the office slide window.


The campground has lots of Sycamore trees with varying shades of golden Fall colors that grace the air with their flights in the light breeze. Here is a look at the front of our campsite.


As in most of America’s Heartland States it is Deer Season and fishermen are still out on the lake. The beautiful trees also screen the satellites from our roof dome, so , we deployed our tripod dish. We receive the local TV channels out of Louisville, in addition to all that other satellite feed stuff .


In this campground there are no sewer hookups. We will have a “pump out” service that comes every Monday. Since we have three different dump valves, we have marked each of them with red tags to help the pump out crew locate them.


The campground has a store, a laundromat and a shower house. Several nice playgrounds and a ampitheatre just above the beach.

There is good internet wifi here with several repeaters scattered around the park.

We have two bars of cell phone signal here.

I’ll try to shoot a quick video look of the campground for a later blog entry.


Phil and Rudee said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! We are about 5 miles south of Campbellsville at Lakeway RV Park. Working D shift nights in single toys, maybe we will see ya running around the pods! :-)


mountainborn said...

Hi you guys !We worked in single toys last year ! We won't receive our assignment till' Monday at our first meet & greet. Hope to see you soon.

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

Don't work too hard ya'll.... take some time to smell the flowers!