Monday, November 25, 2013


On a day off we went to one of the local distillery’s to see what all the noise was about. Naturally we took a few photo’s along the way. We went to Lebanon Kentucky where Tim Smith’s, now legal, moonshine is made. You may remember Tim as one of the stars of the TV series “MOONSHINE”.Here is a link to his web page .

Here is some photo’s of the distillery.




Are they country you might ask ? Well, they are on a rural free delivery route, note the mail box.


The building front.


The entrance. Yup, they were closed and we didn’t get the tour and moved on after checking back a couple of times. Since we rise at 0415hrs. each work day, we got a early start and thinking they might open later, we had breakfast at the Huddle house. Still closed at 0930 hrs. , and no operating hours posted that we could find.

We moved on down the line.

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Meanderthal said...

Legal?? What fun is that? ?