Saturday, November 1, 2014


Servicing the wheel bearings on our travel trailer is a given, otherwise we will be on the shoulder of the highway with serious trouble. Choosing the right grease to pack your wheel bearings with, is important, and gives peace of mind. Here is my current choice for a quality grease. Note the wear on the container from many thousands of miles of travel.


Back in the 70’s we had a bearing failure not too long after that bearing was packed with a bargain basement brand of grease, that I had picked up at a flea market in Tucson Arizona. That broke me from cheeping out on grease.


Our jump start battery pack and our 12 volt impact wrench sure make bearing service go smoother !


Our lazer point, infrared thermometer is the thing that tells us if bearing temperatures are creeping up, while traveling. If that bearing temperature is beginning to climb up, our time to service the bearings, is getting near. At each stop, we take a quick check of the tire tread, tire sidewall, brake drum and wheel bearing.

For us, the little extra steps, give us that extra margin of safety, that gives us peace of mind as the miles roll by.

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