Saturday, May 24, 2014


As we travel around America showing the Oliver Travel Trailers, fuel prices will vary considerably. And likewise the fuel delivery pumps will vary vastly too. The Pony has several fuel tanks and it is possible to tear up a thousand dollar bill real quick when taking on diesel fuel. Here is a look.


We filled one tank and a small part of another in the above photo !

The fuel pumps delivery rate makes a big difference in how difficult the refuel session can be. So, we have developed some zany tricks to get it done. Here is a short  ( 29 second ) video  of a couple of those tricks that we sent to a friend.

Pony Express fueling trick

Ok, here comes the video disclaimer:

Like so many other things in life that I have been known to do, more cautious and prudent persons will find fault with my field expedient methods, and, question the sanity, safety and possibly even the legality of  them. No doubt I will receive a bit of “fan mail” over this tongue in cheek, “gag” video !


John Steel said...

Personally, I prefer to jam the gas cap in the handle, much more convenient then a rock. :-) Keep up the good work

mountainborn said...

He, He, Thanks John !