Monday, May 12, 2014


As we tour the New Oliver Legacy II around the country, piling up the miles and the back log of States behind us, this country boy's mind wanders more and more frequently to fishing. Yes, good times at the lake with good friends and, fishing ! We started our tour quite far South, and as we move progressively more to the North, we bump into Spring again. So, there you have it. Mother nature is telling me constantly that we are supposed to be fishing at this time of the year ! You know, this is such a cool job ! But, dang it, a Mountain Boy is supposed to be fishing this time of the year. Here is some pix that I remember of good times at the lake.
This is one of our favorite campsites. The Big fir campground out on Housley Point in Lake Ouachita. It is a Primitive campground with vault toilets, no water and no electricity. The greatest of Boondocking fish camps !
This is at Lake Greeson, a good cat fishing lake, but it has sewer, water and electricity. A very cool place, but not nearly as much fun.
This is our "live box", it is usually anchored out in the Lake just a bit, away from the shore break stirred up silt. Hey, gotta' keep them cat fish fresh !
The boat, with the jugs loaded and ready and the tackle box loaded. I an writing this as we are in the Charleston SC KOA, showing the Oliver, and, we will soon start up the East coast plumb up to Maine before looping back to the West below the Great Lakes. Looks like it will be July before we get to the lake this year. Oh, well, better late than never ! Betty and I hope to see you at the lake this year !

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