Saturday, April 6, 2013


We have camped on nearby lakes to fish for many Springtime ‘s past. There is one thing for sure about it. We just don’t go without an ample supply of tarp straps, Duct Tape, Bailing Wire and Milk crates. As the trailer is loaded each stage is tarp strapped down. In this photo straps hang at the ready as loading progresses.100_3621

Blueboy, Water tank, Fishing jugs, bait traps, livebox, and on and on, are loaded and strapped in place for the short trip to the lake. Here is a look at the trailer, nearing half loaded.100_3620

Milk crates, because of their durable nature serve many uses, this one carries a few tools and the chainsaw lubricants and fuel.


The supply of tarp straps dwindles as loading progresses.


As I sit in my folding camo camp chair sipping on coffee, It occurred to me that if I won the lottery, I couldn’t buy a better trailer for our purpose, than this ugly little one that we have used and abused for so many years.

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