Saturday, April 27, 2013


The Bait Fish catch improved, a change for the better. Then the fishing improved, also a change for the better. We moved the bait traps, and we moved our jug casting area. Sometimes, change is good, and in this case it was. After a couple of days of good catches in the morning, it is time to clean fish for a change.


The hourly forecast for this morning was that it would cloud up and the wind would kick up to fourteen miles per hour, at mid morning. Where we are casting now, we have to cross a open stretch of water, so we left out at first light, in order to be back at camp before the lake got rough.


In this photo it is just before 10 A.M., and it is already starting to blow as we clean fish. The weatherman nailed it again ! Thanks, Weather forecaster’s, for helping us plan our outdoors activities to maximize our fun !

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