Saturday, December 28, 2013


Since our release at Amazon’s SDF-1 facility in Campbellsville Kentucky, we have been ginning around a t a good clip ! We had a storm that night and then heard later on the weather channel that it been a near miss by a tornado ! It got us up out of a fatigue driven sleep when a limb hit our air conditioning cover on the roof, breaking it.


The next day we slept in a bit, then finished rounding up our plunder and leaving out for Hohenwald Tennessee. Overnighting on the Oliver Travel Trailer’s Factory Parking lot. Up early the next morning for a whirlwind tour of the plant with lots of photo opportunity’s.


Driving late that night, we pulled into the Kinfolk’s driveway in Arkansas.

The next morning it’s up early for driver’s license renewal, oil changes and just on and on.


New air conditioner cover in place. Curt’s Tire and RV had the cheapest one available. Today things slowed down enough, after a week, that I remembered, “oh geeze I didn’t Blog lately !” ! It’s time to slow down a little and get a cup of coffee with a slice of Betty’s fresh Apple pie.


Hey ! Geeze ! Is that Apple pie winking at me ?

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