Saturday, January 4, 2014


At about New Year’s Eve/Day, we break out those battery’s that we have found on post CHRISTmas sale, and commence our annual ritual. It is time to replace the battery’s in our detectors as well as test each device. In addition to smoke and carbon monoxide detector’s, we have temperature read out’s for the outside, inside and basement. Here is a look at some devices that now have new battery’s.


The Atomic clock on the left, reads the inside and outside temps, and the LL Bean on the right reads the basement temperature. That is ten battery’s, 6 AA’s and 4 AAA’s, for just those things. Then there is the other safety sensor’s, they take  nine volt battery’s. Here they are.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors.


But wait, we aren’t quite through just yet ! There is the propane detector.


And, the other remote read out in the office slide out.


Why burn through all those battery’s, one might ask. Simply put, it is for safety. Each device is independently powered from it’s own source. Meaning that they can still function with everything else totally dead, like for instance, the solar battery bank.

That isn’t a sensor that is draped around the basement temp receiver, it is a USB LED light to make the laptop keyboard easier to see when we are off the grid.

Quite a New Years Eve party we’re having here in the 5er ! Getting down with all these serious battery change outs ! I’ll bet we don’t make it till’ midnight to see the Ball Drop ! Happy New Year every one !

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