Sunday, January 26, 2014


Our time here in Quartzsite has been ever so rewarding ! We have seen many long time friends and met folks that we have known via the internet for years. Showing the Oliver Legacy Elite II has been quite a friend magnet. Here is the way we look at the show site.


We are in a great location beside the frontage road, right on the corner. There is lots of parking and some friends have stopped by while pulling or driving a RV. The molded fiberglass gathering near  here on Dome Rock Road makes it convenient for forums friends to come to see Oliver’s new offering. The dessert at night is ablaze with thousands of campfires and RV’s lights.


Today is the last day of the BIG Tent show, so the crowds will change their touring pattern no doubt. We stopped by the AL&L booth at the BIG Tent. We have worked for AL&L for the past five Summers. They are great folks and we just had to stop by and say Hi.


Just up the road from our show site is a local landmark for the Dessert Gardens Show Grounds. The walk under water tank arch way.

Friends from the Napa Valley in California flew into Phoenix for a visit, fell in love with the new Elite II and placed an order. Congratulations to the Leighton’s on their impending delivery !

Jeff and Glenda drove up from KofA where they are camped near other Casitan’s. We hadn’t seen them since we fished together at Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. We had a great visit and caught up on lots of molded fiberglass happenings.

We will be here until around the middle of February, so if nearby, stop in and say hi !


Jerry C said...

Was looking forward to meeting the two of you, and getting the grand tour of the new Oliver's. But, plans change. Hope to meet you one day.

mountainborn said...

Me too Jerry !

Bob said...

larry and betty,
wow, what a grand time. we have a date for delivery now....may 13th. thanks for everything and Happy Trails.

mountainborn said...

Bob, we enjoyed our visit ! Congratulations on your delivery date. We look forward to seeing you guys out on the road ! Safe Travels !