Saturday, January 18, 2014


Being raised as a kid in the mining towns along the Mogollon Rim, I had been to Quartzsite Arizona before. There wasn’t much there so many years ago. He, he, times change, and Quartzsite is no exception ! This Winter we are showing trailers, 2014 models, for Oliver Travel Trailers out of Hohenwald Tennessee, at the Dessert Gardens Show Grounds here in “Q”. Here is a look down the midway.


Our show site is right on the corner and many Rver’s stop in for a look each day.


This was an entire family group, most of them on ATV’s. “Q” is ATV friendly and you can ride them anywhere.IMAG0173

This is a look at our show site in the shade of a Palo Verde Tree.


Lady Dyna Ryder said...

Is everybody but me in the "Q"? Come on retirement! We love your blog.

mountainborn said...

Thank you !