Tuesday, April 6, 2010


First things first ! During the un Winterizing of Harm’s Weigh, there is a lengthy list of things to check while charging the battery’s. There is a back up battery with an electronic isolator, but they haven’t been ran or charged since Jugfest 09’.


The registration and insurance data is all up to date.


The mooring cover is off to reveal evidence of spiders, birds and other critters.100_1706

A quick check of the 35 gallon live well revealed a couple of mussel shells that had been huffed up by catfish. They gotta’ go !100_1700

Navigational electronics and marine radio checked out.


Tackle box in place.

100_1702 200 feet of river anchor and chain flaked down.100_1703

Extra large fish handling gear stowed.100_1704

Enough life jackets for everybody or we don’t move !


Extra prop, lock nut and floating wrench, along with marine tool kit, flare gun and first aid kit.100_1705

LAKE ! We gotter’ on our minds ! Hope we see you at Jugfest 2010 !

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