Wednesday, April 21, 2010


While camped on the beach at Padre Island National seashore last Winter, Dillon the retired drug dog cold nosed me in the middle of the night. He needed to go outside to wash the dust off of the neighbors trailer wheels. Sometimes he takes awhile to get back, especially if he gets sidetracked by following his nose to a foreign and exotic scent.

So, I turned on the laptop to check email in the wee hours of the morning. In the mornings spam offerings was a company wanting to “drive traffic” to my web site. I summarily dispatched that email to the looser bin, but thought about it for a bit.

By the time Dillon got back from his early morning dust removal project, my curiosity was running wide open. I wanted to know how many visits a day was actually coming to read this redneck’s ramblings.

I installed the Google ad sence software and began to check it out. Astonishingly, the first seven days of that month twelve hundred hits to the site happened ! Soon, I began to wonder about where people were from that had an interest in the blog.

So, ad sence out, and a simple hit counter was installed. Then later, a map that shows where hits come from. It turns out that there are a lot of tools out there to tell site owners where their traffic comes from. The map with dots showed this morning, that folks from Canada to the Caribbean had visited the blog before the sun had even came up here in these Ouachita Mountains ! Want to see where all people come to this blog from ? Just click on the map with the blue dots, it will show you !

Amazing, totally amazing ! Thank you, to our blog followers. If you have a blog, send us a link please,  so we can follow your blog also. He, he, we wanna’ see what you’ve been up to !


Jim and Bobbie said...

Amazing number of hits. Good for you.

richies said...

I Like FEEDJIT. it is free and lets you know where your viewers are from. Flag counter is neat also. I have had visitors from 134 countries.

An Arkies Musings

American Daze said...

That just shows how famous you are!