Sunday, April 4, 2010


When we first got back home from Padre Island it was sometimes cool enough for an occasional fire. Since we didn’t have any rich pine or kindling split, we started up the pellet stove. It usually takes a few hours to get the house warm enough that we start opening up windows to air things out. This time it was so nice outside we were able to open up the house right away for a good airing out.

There have been brief spells of cold passing through, hey it’s Spring, ain’t it, and Betty wanted a real fire. You know, hardwood burning in the wood stove. Luckily I had been up on the roof and cleaned the chimney out before we hit the road last year. So all that was needed was to split some kindling and a little rich pine and whomp ! There it was !


It is a mild, bright Easter Morning here, and You know Betty has a fire. The doors and windows are open, but Betty has a fire. Yesterday she started talkin’ bout’ goin’ to cut a jag’ of firewood ! So, I checked the wood shed and sure nuff’, she’s done gone and burnt up most nearly all of the wood !

I had planned to  carry some of that wood over to the lake for our Jugfest campfire pickin’ and Grinnin’ sessions. He, he, that ain’t gona’ happen !

I’ll be a’ carryin’ the chainsaw instead !

Well, I went out to the tool shed and dug out the chainsaw, serviced it and mixed up some saw gas for it.


Now, i’ll just touch up that cutting chain with the saw file a bit,


Lube the roller tip,


and wer’e ready for business !

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