Monday, April 5, 2010


After the chainsaw tune up and service, Betty and I cut a little jag of Red Oak. It doesn’t burn as hot as other woods but it is easy to split and that’s just the ticket at Jugfest ! We loaded part of the wood on the ugly little trailer to carry to the lake so we would have firewood until we had a chance to cut more over there. We loaded it on the front of the trailer because it’s likely going to be one of the heaviest items on the trailer. Here is a look:


As you can see, the Red Oak was still standing but had been killed by a blight that passed through here a year or so ago. It will make good, easy and colorful fires for our evening visits around the campfire.

Loaded the bait traps, live box and jugs next.


Now this is some serious, “old school”, redneckin’ goin’ on here !


I dunno’ how the ol’ timers did it, but it seems to take an inordinately high number of tarp straps, wal mart vegetable crates, old antifreeze jugs and milk crates for me to get everything to the lake ! He, he, the little Ugly trailer still ain’t half loaded yet. And, I may have to go out to the highway to search along the shoulder for more tarp straps !

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