Saturday, April 3, 2010


A year has past, since the little, ugly, home made, utility trailer has untracked from it's place out in the pasture. Uglier than a unpainted outhouse, the little trailer has made, oh, geze, I dunno' how many trips to the lake. Three years ago we replaced the wheel bearings, seals and all of the tires, including the spare.
Some of last years Jugfesters may remember it. It sat near the electrical outlets so we could hook up the small refrigerator and deepfreeze that sat on it.

Since we are closer than everybody else, we think we should help with stuff like extra refrigerator and freezer space. Then, we hope also, that we have enough fresh catfish fillets that we will need extra space to keep them until our next fish fry.

I walked out in the pasture to kick the tires this afternoon, and found a flat tire that aired up easily. So, I checked the other tires for correct pressure. Added some to each of them.

The honeysuckle had grown up through the tailgate. The cows had eaten all of the leaves off but the vines were still there. The oak tree’s had cleverly stored away a few of their finest brown leaves in it. Cows had been rubbing on it, but hadn’t rolled the flat tire off of it’s wheel beads. Here is a look, after I got it pulled out of the pasture. Well, actually, it wasn’t all that simple. I got stuck. Had to lock the hubs on the 4x4 and spin a bit. It had rained here overnight.

100_1687 100_1683 100_1684

A rake, a shovel and a water hose quickly got stuff a’ goin’ our way !

100_1689 100_1688

A quick check of the gear box on the tongue showed that the stabilizer jack crank handle and all of the tie down ratchet’s and stuff hadn’t “walked off’.


Now it sits near the back door of the house, ramp down, stabilizer jacks deployed and wheels chocked. The electric drop cord is there and trailer is ready for Betty to tell me when it is time to load the freezer and refrigerator and hook them up to freeze and chill.

It is nigh’ onto time fer’ fishin’, we got it on our minds.

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