Friday, April 13, 2012


Sitting by the campfire this morning when the sun came up. Sippin’ on a fresh cup of coffee, going over a check list. A check list that hasn’t been written down, yet every item checked and re checked.


The boat is in the water and all safety equipment is in place. The live box is at the ready.


Updated the information on the jugs and added fresh hooks.


We baited and put out the bream traps yesterday evening before retiring to the campfire to visit with the neighbors.

The first sunrise on the Lake, always is a grand thing for us.

Yuup, it’s jug fishin’ time again.


Phil and Rudee said...

OH, YA ..... we're goin' jugg fishin!! Catch some bigguns':-)

Phil and Rudee

Meanderthal said...

Jug fishin royalty are in heaven


Oscar said...

Don't forget to crosscheck for a good supply of "Honey Buns" for those early morning launches to go along with your coffee.