Tuesday, April 17, 2012


No, not me, the catfish !

537826_3655007384139_1543209751_3113349_178924143_nThis nice ten pound blue catfish, is one of five that we kept this morning. We also kept three flatheads or Opelousas cats and a channel catfish.

A major weather front is coming our way and this may be the right time to take the boat out of the lake and clear the speedometer tube of mud. I hope that’s the problem anyhow, it quit right after I went way up in the shallows to recover a jug.

We threw back a nice little bass and a 27 pound blue catfish this morning.

Poco and I cast the jugs last evening. Here is a look.


Betty had gone with her Sister to the Doctor, so Poco and I took care of business.


Here is our last jug that we put out.

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Oscar said...

Dang, Poco! You're having all the fun while I'm still down here in Texas this time 'round. Maybe next year.