Sunday, April 29, 2012


There are times when a laid back fishing trip to the lake, can just plain ol’ tire a guy out, even a very active teenager !


After a night of 10 PM shower, girlfriend texting and raccoon in the tent, 0600 wakeup call and pre-sunup departure on the boat to pick up the jugs, a guy will absolutely crash and burn !


Note the cell phone in his hand, waiting for that next all important text from that special girl.

Jay made it through the jug retrieval and fish landings, made it through bacon and egg breakfast, built up the campfire, then just seemed to kind of “wilt” into a chair nest with a blanket.


Poco’s dog blanket was in a chair by the campfire because it was a little chilly in the morning.  Jay slid Poco’s  chair over to his and pulled the blanket over his legs.

He is so “out of it” that the cell phone’s tone isn’t waking him up.

Here is what Poco thinks about the situation.


In the next photo, note that Jay’s “experimental” fishing jugs and his tackle box aren’t very far away.


Yes, it has been a great three weeks at the lake !

Soon, it will be time to “up anchor’ for Colorado and the Rocky Mountains !

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